Email template to get more reviews

Our new tool can help you get more reviews! Read our step-by-step instructions for how to use this e-mail template in your profile administration section to approach selected satisfied clients to ask for feedback on you or your clinic.

1) In order to send the template you need to be signed in to the profile administration section of the doctor or clinic sending the email. We also now allow templates to be sent by the “assistant” you have set up for yourself or your clinic.
If several profiles are linked together (such as a clinic and two doctors), you can sign in once and then go to the template to choose on whose behalf it should be sent. For example you can send a template for each of your doctors from the clinic profile. Just click on the dropdown menu for the list of doctors.

shid EN 1

After you successfully sign in you will see a black bar with your profile picture in the top right corner. Click on the profile picture for a drop-down menu where you can choose "Dashboard".

shid EN 2

2) In the middle section of the "Dashboard" page you will see panels with different topics. Choose "Marketing Tools" and then "Get Reviews".

shid EN 3

3) An e-mail template will open and give you two options:

a) mass mail to multiple patients at once (each will receive the same email but will not see the other email addresses – you can write up to 20 clients at once) 

b) individual mail for one specific patient with the option of attaching his or her Before/After pictures taken at your offices.

shid EN 4

Choose a) or b) and then enter the email address for replies (if the recipient replies to your message). 

shid EN 5

The template text is editable, so you can change it as needed. You could add a greeting and the patient’s name, mention the procedure performed, etc. You can also edit the email subject line.

You can save the template you prepared and use it again later.



Next you need to click to confirm that you are writing to a patient who had a procedure performed by you and that you are only sending them one email.

shid EN 6

4) Click on "Send email" to finish sending the email to your client(s).

TIP: If you have a profile on more than one language version, you have a template in the appropriate language for each profile. If you sign in to the German version, for instance, you will have a template in German. The instructions for sending are the same across all language versions.

Updated: 2019-01-03

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