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Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Tummy Tuck and Liposuction in Prague ”
12.10.2016 | Zasláno od Marie76 z Lancashire, Velká Británie (GB)
I arrived at forme clinic on the 5th Oct, had full range of tests to ensure I was in good health prior to surgery. I had a consultation with both Dr Vasek and Dr Benes for two different procedures to be preformed in one single operation. Dr Vasek was adamant that I did not need eye lid surgeries and that it would be a waste of money due to very tiny correction that could be achieved at present and that I was too young in his experienced opinion. In my consultation with Dr Benes he told me that I would ideally benefit from more liposuction to a further 2 areas to achieve a better results. In my original quote I was only advised to have 1 area liposuctioned, therefore paying for an additional 2 areas would of been difficult had I still goneed ahead with eyelid surgery. Thankfully the money I saved on not having eyelid surgery covered the cost of the extra lipo. It was a more costly abominalplasty plus lipo surgery compaired to some of the other ladies at the clinic I had talked to but I believe this was due to my tummy carrying substantial excess fat and a more lengthy procedure. Once out of surgery, I was cared for by the clinic nurses who were extremely professional and very caring ladies, nothing was too much for them and they ensured that I was well looked after. Dr Benes came to see me twice and explained how to proceed with aftercare and such on return to the UK. Dr Benes manner was approachable and friendly, he answered every question with patience. Finally, I was discharged on the 7th Oct with a full aftercare pack including: antibiotics, anti swelling tablets, pain killers, dressings, steri strIps and some medication to help boost my immune system and aid healing. I was given thorough explanations from Nurse about when to take Meds and when to change dressings. I also received typed instructions too. The clinic provided a taxi to cover all transfers needed which really was a huge help. All surgery, medications, food and drinks at clinic, nursing care, aftercare pack, compression garment and transfers were included in the price. I'm currently on day 5 after surgery and swelling has hit full force but despite this I am extremely happy with the results. I hope to go back next year for a breast lift!
Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation...”
18.9.2015 | Zasláno od Gal z London, City of, Velká Británie (GB)
Everyone I met at the clinic on the day my surgery played a monumental part in making me feel safe and relaxed about my decision to undergo cosmetic surgery in Prague. Customer satisfaction is in the heart of everything they do and the care, respect and attention doesn't end when your surgery does. I attended the Forme Clinic for abdominoplasty, breast augmentation with a lift and liposuction. During my consultation with the wonderful Dr Benes it was mutually decided that I would get 460 cc Nagor, round, smooth, moderate projection implants. I was so happy to hear that he wasn't going to perform a lift and instead he corrected my drooping constricted breasts by skillfully using the sub-pectoral placement of the implants. This has given me full round perky beautiful breasts without any unsightly scars. Dr Benes also sculpted my new abdomen by performing a beautiful and surprisingly painless tummy tuck, my body was further contoured using liposuction of the flanks, hips and upper abdomen. For the first time in my life I have a body I can be proud of Thank you Dr Benes and the Forme clinic, you changed my life for the better.
Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Tummy tuck and Lipo”
18.12.2014 | Zasláno od Registrovaný uživatel z Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Francie (FR)
Thomas Benes was my surgeon at the Forme clinic , Prague...I had my surgery on the 4th December 2014. I'm just two weeks post op and everything is looking amazing. The clinic is amazing, staff, service, cleanliness it's all 1st class and I would recommend anyone thinking of having this kind of surgery to check them was a totally inclusive price including airport pick up , hotel transfer worries for you its all taken care of so you can concentrate on recovery time . Thank you all at "Forme clinic"....I'm going back next year..
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