MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek
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Dermal fillers    
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“Excellent result - eyelid surgery at Forme...”
2019-09-29 | Posted by Registered user in Prague, Czech Republic (CZ)
My wife and I both have had eyelid surgery done by Dr. Vasek and I can tell you that it was the best eyelid surgery job that I have ever seen. Dr Vasek does fabulous work. He is a very talented doctor. Forme Clinic is a first class cosmetic surgery clinic and I highly recommend it. We have had both surgeries and fillers done at Forme Clinic and the results were excellent and superior to work we have had done in America. All of the staff are both friendly and professional. Jana does a great job arranging appointments and accommodating our special needs. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with Forme Clinic and their expert and professional staff.
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