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Neck lift    
  5 out of 5 stars
“I was in good hands during neck lift in Prague”
2019-06-18 | Posted by Registered user in Prague, Czech Republic (CZ)
I had a neck lift done my surgeon was very experienced I'm only few days after OP so cant say what my result will be but even with the swelling and bruising I am already happy ..I was so thoroughly checked over before operation I had a slight cough the physician who was the surgeons wife was excellent to me she even made me run up and down a flight of stairs to make sure my chest was clear ..I also loved my consultation it was never about the money my surgeon even said I was pretty and only myself seen my neck was almost talking me out of it but it really bothered me so we went ahead I even thought he woulda done my eyes he said no ..he will only do what he thinks needs done I thought that was great he was quite blunt and right to the point but I liked that about him ..he had a kinda presence about him he was very good his wife was lovely as was nurse who done my bloods ..I was petrified beyond words the anesthetic doc was excellent spoke to me reassured me he would watch my every move and look after me I really liked him ..I lost a lot of blood which I dont think was anything to do with my surgery ..I was glad I was in good hands ..I would highly recommend
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