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“Arm lift at Forme clinic after I lost weight”
30.03.2021 | MUDr. Matúš Baran MBA | Gesendet von Morcie38 aus Blackpool, England (GB)
I underwent an arm lift at Forme clinic after I lost weight. My arms were left with hanging skin that did not look good at all. It was the best choice. Dr Baran was great and all the staff. Everything was explained and the surgery was done perfectly. There is a scar on the inner side of my arms that I do not mind because it is not too visible.
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“Arm lift at your Formé clinic ”
21.03.2019 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Sanchee aus Stockport, England (GB)
I underwent arm lift at your clinic. Superb staff and attitude to patient. I was happy to be in you hands. Except tiny scar under my arms they look finally firm without those wings i used to have. 
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“I underwent arm lift with dr. Benes”
04.09.2018 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Registrierter Benutzer aus Manchester, England (GB)
I underwent arm lift with dr. Benes beginning of this year. I had been waiting for the surgery one year because i thought the excess skin could go by excercising or so. But no difference. And because i really wanted nice arms i went for it. I do not regret a bit. My arms look firm and have no wings. The skin is stretched and the incisions are under so if i do not put my hands up no one sees it. But the the scar is fading slowly so i suspect in one more year it will be barely visible. Happy with result. Thank you