Geo ADS – how to get clients from your region

The last few years have seen a clear trend toward increasing importance of location in searching for services. This is tied to the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices that can pinpoint location with great accuracy. Most users expect that their search results will naturally be filtered based on their location. HERE and NOW have become the keywords of this age and one of its most important criteria is LOCATION. Estheticon meets this need with GEO ADS – a box entitled "Specialists near you".  

GEO ADS are a highly popular supplement to your Premium account. They appear in the “Specialists near you” box, and also guarantee that your name will appear higher on the list of doctors for a certain procedure. You just choose your preferred procedure or group of procedures and the region where you want to find patients. Estheticon provides potential patients with advice and information about procedures, but the opportunity to make immediate contact with a practice in their immediate vicinity is what leads them into your office.

Benefits for doctors

  • Get local patients for selected procedures
  • Build your reputation in your selected region
  • Build a position as an expert in specific procedures
  • Preferential placement on lists of doctors for a certain procedure
  • Quickly inform patients of upcoming promotional events

Benefits for patients

  • Fast, easy way to contact practices in their area
  • Makes it easier to find an expert for a certain procedure
  • Keep informed of current and upcoming events

Where do GEO ADS appear?

GEO ADS appear in the “Specialists near you” box, prominently placed at the top right side of the following pages:

  • Procedure description
  • Price lists
  • Discussion threads
  • Before/after pictures
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • On mobile browsers they show up on all the above pages under the main contents.
GEO Vizitiky EN


GEO Vizitiky EN 2

Each procedure can have a maximum of 10 GEO ADS, displayed in random order each time the page is loaded.

GEO ADS also guarantee preferential placement on lists of doctors under a certain procedure. Doctors with GEO ADS are displayed in random order each time the page is loaded, but you can be certain that your name will always appear in the top ten.

What does a GEO AD look like?

The GEO ADS features the doctor’s cropped profile picture or clinic logo. You can choose a different picture from the one on your profile if you like.
The title is another important part of the card. It should ideally include your name or the name of your clinic, and you can also add a key word or phrase – the name of a procedure or indication. The title is also a live link to your full profile. 

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GEO ADS allow promotional text of up to 70 characters. The message should be brief and explain clearly what you are offering: promotional events, discounts, bonuses, sales, packages, new procedures, your own innovative treatment methods, and/or experience. You can edit the promotional text at any time while your GEO ADS are active. You can also display a before/after picture from one of your patients in place of the text.

We also show the average patient rating (number of stars) on GEO ADS.

The “Contact button” will take potential patients directly to the contact form.

The mobile version offers users a “Call” button that will connect them directly to your office or your clinic’s reception desk.

How can I order a GEO ADS?

You can order GEO ADS:

  • On your own in the “GEO ADS” tab in your profile administration area, which also works as an e-shop. Choose any combination of procedure, region and time period for your GEO ADS to be active. The price will display next to the name of each procedure and the total price will display on the Order Summary screen.  
  • By e-mailing your KAM.

How much do GEO ADS cost?

Pricing varies based on the page views for the specific procedure in the selected region. GEO ADS for breast augmentation in London, where traffic is the highest, will be priced differently than the same GEO ADS for Yorkshire, for instance. Prices can vary throughout the year based on site traffic. Price lists for individual procedures and regions are available in your profile administration section under the GEO ADS tab.

Payment options

If you place the order yourself, you will need to pay by card using our payment portal no more than half an hour after sending the order. If you would prefer to pay in another manner, please inform an KAM of your order and they will send you an invoice.

If an KAM places the order for you, they will send you a link to an online payment portal or an invoice.

Who edits the appearance of GEO ADS?

  • You can edit your GEO ADS on your own through your profile administration section under the “GEO ADS” tab after you pay for the order or your KAM sets them up for you. To edit, please open the “Active orders” tab and click on “Form of presentation” for each procedure. From here you can edit the title and promotional text or choose before/after pictures to display on your card.
  • You can change your avatar (picture or logo) in “Settings” under “Profile settings”
  • You can also contact your KAM with your requests as to how your cards should look and they will be happy to help.

Updated: 2017-05-31

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