How to turn a satisfied patient into a front page advertisement

Indirect advertisement counts, too! It’s much better for your clients to sing your praises than for you to sing them yourself. We can show your satisfied client as the main visual on the title page. True, it’s not a direct advertisement for your practice, but making your patient more visible ultimately adds to your reputation as well. Your patient can become an ambassador for your work.

Your patient can appear in the main visual on the main page of our website. Underneath will be the patient’s username and one procedure they have written a review on for the website.

This text on the photograph will be an active link leading directly to a detailed view of the review featuring your practice. It is not a direct advertisement for you in the same way as a banner ad, for instance, but it does serve as a modern PR tool and way to build your reputation.

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Parameters for the photograph on the homepage:

  1. Must be professional.
  2. Your photograph must be at least 1440 × 540 pixels, or larger, as long as it can be cropped to this size. The file size (.jpg or .png)  should be no more than 150 kB.
  3. Must contain an outline/silhouette of the patient at the same size as the rest of the picture in the illustration photo.
  4. Should be shot outside – in nature or in the city. The background must be blurred. (This is usually only possible with SLR, not with a smartphone or compact camera.)
  5. Must be unique for our website. May not be used as the visual for a doctor or clinic in other promotional materials.
  6. No product placement in the photograph (blurred clinic building, logo, staff etc. in the background)
  7. The main page may eventually rotate between photos of multiple patients.

How to choose the right patient?

  1. Must be an active member of our Estheticon community – an Estheticon friend.
  2. Does not have to be a model, but should be natural and likable.
  3. Natural beauty goes over best – the procedure should not be obvious in the photograph at first glance.
  4. Take care with the makeup and clothes for the photo shoot. Understated makeup and a trendy or timeless outfit will work best. We do not recommend exotic, glamour, business or overly official looks. Avoid black or dark brown clothing as well.
  5. The patient on each language version should come from that territory (Czech clients on the Czech version, English clients on the English version of Estheticon).
  6. Must be a patient of a Premium doctor or clinic.

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Updated: 2017-05-18

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