How can my profile on Estheticon increase traffic to my website?

Over 900.000 users pay a visit to Estheticon every month. Links to your website on Estheticon can make a significant difference in your monthly web traffic.

The basic and simplest way is to add your website link to your listing on Estheticon. It can be done via two ways:

  1. Gold or Platinum Active Membership Level
  2. Paid premium Membership

Membership comparison

If you are not currently using any website analytics tool for tracking and evaluation of your website traffic, we highly recommend using such a tool, e.g. Google Analytics.

jonas weber

Through links on doctors websites patients can share their experience with larger community and move the word-of-mouth to higher level. Estheticon links on our clients websites do not drive away their visitors. Our analysis shows that less than 0,7% of people clicks on them. Also websites with outgoing links to relevant websites are ranking better In Google than websites with no outgoing links (best example is Wikipedia).
On the other hand Estheticon brings many times more visitors and patients to our doctor's websites. Transparency builds trust. Social networks and expert knowledge content portals such as Estheticon are essential for creating and maintaining online reputation of our clients.
Jonas Weber, webhelps! Online Marketing (former Google employee)

How to link to Estheticon from my website?

To place a link to on your website a few rules must be followed:

  • The link can include text and other links such as your listing page on Estheticon. For example: Read Dr. XY’s answers to questions about Breast augmentation on Estheticon or Dr. XY is an Liposuction expert  on
  • The link must be placed on the home page of your website as a text link or image link with description in alt or title parameter. 
  • You can link to any page of Estheticon, preferably your listing and/or a treatment page.
  • Anchor text (the text for the link) must be relevant to the selected page.
  • The link must be visible, not located in the footer and not hidden in any way (e.g. greyed out, tiny text size, etc). This is very important as Google punishes any site which posts hidden links.
  • Find the icons and texts that you can publish on your website in section Icons and links (You have to be logged in to access this page.)

Updated: 2015-10-20

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