10 Reasons Why Patients Choose Organic Hair Transplant instead of FUE Hair Transplant

Author: Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD

Hair transplantation is a procedure transplanting the natural, healthy and movable hair follicles to the hairless area. Transferable hair follicles suitable for hair transplantation are removed from back of the neck at the most and they can be also removed from beard, upper and lower jaw, shoulders, legs and chest area if the neck area’s follicles are insufficient. Firstly, these donor areas are decided upon according to the patient’s physical hair structure, the efficiency of its hair follicles and the desired speed of follicle removing and then the hair transplantation starts.

Hair follicles removed one by one from the donor area is planted manually onto the hairless area; again one by one. This procedure is called FUE Hair Transplant. Organic Hair Transplant is one move ahead of FUE; it is a rich fat injection to the hairless area with stem cell. This injection is prepared from the patient’s regional fat and is applied to the bald area. The aim here is to take full advantage of the stem cell. Briefly, Organic Hair Transplant is based on stem cell. Extensive studies carried out for stem cell clarifies all advantages of Organic Hair Transplant.

Let’s look at why the patients choose Organic Hair Transplant instead of FUE never minding the longer procedure period.


Increasing efficiency in transplant area

We observe that the bald area is close to the scalp and deprived of the fat. The fat is a marvelous tissue enclosing the stem cell in other words the life source. The area is planted a stem cell-rich fat tissue with injection for organic hair transplant. This increases the FUE hair transplant efficiency. That is to say, the transplant area is transformed into a fertile land. Organic hair transplant injection feeds the transplanted hair follicles. For FUE, this is out of question.

It is applied by a plastic surgeon

Hair transplant is a procedure applied by medical doctors and hair transplant technician today. However, Organic Hair Transplant is applied by an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, an expert physician. Plastic surgeon takes the fat from the patient’s body and makes it rich in stem cell and audits the transplant procedure from beginning to end. This means additional safety and decreases the risk.

It provides rejuvenation along with stem cell

Organic Hair Transplant revives both skin and the new hair follicles. The steam cell used vitalizes the area.

The patient’s own fat is used

The fat injection has no adverse effect. The patient’s own cells are used and the allergic reaction is out of debate. More fat is taken for liposuction effect if required and needed.

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It enables the hair transplantation

For FUE technique, the transplantation area is injected a chemical solution and the area swells slowly to ease the procedure. These chemicals have the possibility to harm the quality and tissue of the hair follicles. For Organic Hair Transplant, these chemicals are not used. The fat injected has the same function.


Hair adherence rate increases

The functionality of the stem cell increases the hair adherence of the hair follicles. Precious donor hair of the bald patient is preserved when chemicals are not used and the hair guardedly holds onto the transferred area.

Time of recovery accelerates

For Organic Hair Transplant, one of the greatest advantages of the stem cell is the ability to recover and renew. We observe that patients’ time of recovery accelerates making them more comfortable when it is compared with FUE technique.

Hair is more vibrant, abundant and healthy after the transplantation

Quality hair follicles adhered to the new transplanted area feed on the stem cell and look more vibrant and healthy while they grow.

It decreases the hair loss

Nourished hair follicles enable the shock loss period and decrease the possibility of losing hair in the future.


We can tell we are having good results when it is compared with FUE technique. We see that the patients are perplexed since new techniques, methods and names of doctors have showed up regarding the hair transplantation. However, everyone desires to have strongly adhered hair with a natural look and not to lose the newly transplanted hair. A natural look takes Organic Hair Transplant a step further.

More information about the Organic Hair Transplantation: www.estetikinternational.com

Updated: 2016-10-20

Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD

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