3D material UNIQUE is brand new in plastic-aesthetic post-surgery care


The UNIQUE collection meets all surgeons’ high demands of compression therapy. This fact has also been confirmed by feedback from clinics where they have been using the collection for a long time.

The UNIQUE collection can be used independently immediately after the surgery, not only in combination with the CLASSIC collection. Why? There are several reasons:

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1)      Materials used for UNIQUE are literally unique in the plastic and aesthetic surgery market No competitors offer similar benefits because they work with “conventional” materials.

2)      Comfort during wear even in demanding climatic conditions

The recovery in hot summer months has never been more pleasant. The light perforated material is airy, takes the undesirable moisture away from the skin and maintains an optimal microclimate. Moreover, it massages the skin and speeds up the healing process.

3)      Easy use

A client can put on the garment even without the assistance of another person. On top of that, three rows of hooks enable you to adjust the compression as needed depending on how much swelling has gone down.

4)      Proven effectiveness

The guaranteed elasticity and ductility minimizes swelling and bruises and reduces pain. 

For further information, please visit our website www.lipoelastic.com, e-shop www.eshop.lipoelastic.com or you can find us on following social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

Updated: 2018-04-04

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