Brachymetatarsia and aesthetic toe lengthening: Foot specialist Adem Erdogan on the latest developments in aesthetic foot surgery


Patients with unaesthetic or unattractive feet can rejoice: Until very recently, aesthetic plastic surgery to lengthen just one toe, such as for brachymetatarsia (a congenital deformity of the foot), was a sensation. Today, foot specialists such as Adem Erdogan are able to lengthen several toes in one surgical procedure.

Adem Erdogan, foot specialist: "Today's surgical methods for aesthetic plastic foot surgery are extremely sophisticated. Precise and highly sensitive diagnostics enable us to choose the surgical procedure that is the most gentle and most suitable for the patient. For example, we can now combine procedures to lengthen and shorten toes at the same time. Until very recently, this was unthinkable."

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Example: Combined procedure to lengthen the third and fourth toe and shorten the second toe

The question that patients ask when they hear this is whether correcting several toes at the same times extends the duration of their sick leave. Adem Erdogan: "The duration of postoperative care and the duration of sick leave remain the same. On average, the duration is 6 to 8 weeks whether one or several toes are surgically corrected."

erdogan foto Adem Erdogan, MD Consultant surgeon
Certified foot surgeon by the Gesellschaft für Fußchirurgie eV (GFFC)/German Association for Foot Surgery
Aesthetic foot surgeon
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40212 Düsseldorf
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Updated: 2015-10-23

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