Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer breast augmentation with Watet Jet technique


Large volume fat grafting procedures, especially fat transfer augmentation of breasts and buttocks is not performed frequently in Europe. Dr. Aslani performed hundreds of these procedures in recent years. He welcomes patients traveling from all parts of Europe to undergo surgery with him in Spain.


alsani k clanku Brazilian butt lift with Water Jetstream technique

Dr. Aslani is one of very few surgeons in Europe to have extensive experience in large volume augmentation of the buttocks, the so called BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT. "The Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most sought after procedures by our patients. It is an ideal for both patient and surgeon since no other procedure enables the surgeon to achieve such a nice reshaping using only the patient's own tissue", Dr. Aslani comments. The key to Dr. Aslani's fat transfer procedure lies in his extensive experience with Water-Jetstream assisted liposuction. "The Water Jetstream technique is somewhat ideal for large volume fat grafting," says Dr. Aslani. In Water-Jetstream liposuction, fat is gently washed out of its surrounding tissue bed with a pulsating Water Jetstream. It keeps the larger number of extracted fat cells alive and therefore greatly improves the success rate of transplantation.

"Throughout my career, I have tried virtually everything to improve the outcome of my fat transplantation procedures. But so far, the Water Jet technology has been the single most important contribution to successful fat grafting. It has made the result much more predictive and our auditorials show us that the success rate in fat transfer is nearly 40 % higher than conventional approaches", reports Dr. Aslani.

alsani doktor In their strive to perfect further their results, Dr. Aslani and his team have equipped both hospital departments, Quirón Marbella as well as Quirón Malaga, with the so called BodyJet EVO system', which is the second generation product in Water Jetstream technology. Developing the original BodyJet technology further, the BodyJet EVO system consists of a digitalized low pressure programme for standardized harvest of fat grafts. "The modications in the BodyJet EVO technology make large volume fat grafts even more ideal," Dr. Aslani states. "The gentle nature of water jet fat harvesting enables us to do even larger volume fat grafting such as the Brazilian butt lifts under local anesthetic only."

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Body Jet Evo technology is also ideal for a natural Breast Augmentation: BodyJet Water Jetstream assisted breast augmentation with fat requires no scars and has got very predictable results. Troublesome fat deposits elsewhere are treated at the same time as the breast augmentation.

"Those patients, in my experience, tend to be very happy with the collateral eect to her breasts that they get together with with the fat removal. Satisfaction rates with this tend to be very high." says Dr. Aslani:

While not everyone is an ideal candidate for fat transfer Breast Augmentation, it does have several benets. Dr. Aslani says: "It is a very good option for patients who are out for a very natural
result regarding look and feel and do not necessarily want a very drastic breast size increase. It can be great for breast reconstruction if someone has had a lumpectomy, or for correcting defects like uneven breasts. It is our procedure of choice for patients who want top ups in size with existing implants. We have also had excellent experience with fat if patients want their old implants removed, don't want new ones but of course still want some volume!

Of special interest for patients with moderate fat deposits, fat transfer and silicone gel implants can be 
successfully combined. This procedure is also known as "supercharged" or "composite breast augmentation". Supercharged or composite Breast Augmentation is increasingly popular in the United States and many surgeons see this as the perfect option for the perfect breast. "Supercharged Breast Augmentation combines the advantages of both techniques, implants and fat", says Dr. Aslani. In supercharged Breast Augmentation an implant, usually somewhat smaller than commonly used for Breast Augmentation, is combined with a natural volume increase with the patient's own fat. "It allows the surgeons to achieve a more natural feel, and a very natural look. It allows for more shaping of the cleavage area and it avoids the gap between the breasts. At the same time, one can achieve much greater size increase than with fat alone.

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Updated: 2014-02-06

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