Dr. Arthur Swift about natural results and refusing patients

Author: Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

A Ferrari is a beautiful car. A Porsche is a beautiful car. If I’m thinking Ferrari and you’re thinking Porsche, then even though you’ll get a beautiful result, you won’t be happy. The same goes for aesthetic procedures. Make sure you are on the same level of understanding with your surgeon.

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Dr. Arthur Swift (left) and Pavel Hilbert (right), Rome, SIME congress 2016

Dr. Swift, how many patients do you refuse? 

How many patients do I refuse? I would say about 30 %. And 30 % refusal includes people who are not good candidates for any type of procedure, because they have unrealistic expectations, or they don’t have the right tissue quality to get a decent result, or patients who come for the wrong reasons. I  see patients that come because their boyfriendwants them to. I don’t do it. I’ll have patients who come with pictures of movie stars and say I want to look like that. I don’t enable that.

My goal is to have a patient who wants to look like a better version of who they are without changing who they are. If they understand this, they get into my practice. If they don’t, I can choose my patients the same way that they can choose their doctor. So I tell, every patient out there, examine your doctor before he examines you. What that means is, does he have the right credentials? Has he been trained properly? Does he have the same aesthetic goals that you have? The same way that you can select your doctor, the doctor can select the patient. It’s a marriage for a while, so you’ve got to make sure that it works.

So I refuse about 30 % of patients. Sometimes they’re just not ready, some are too young and not mature enough. Some have got too many issues that I can’t treat unless I do surgery and they’re not prepared for it. Most times I want them to go home and think about it. My goal isn’t to get them through my door, my goal is to put my foot on the brake and say stop, think about what you’re asking and what you expect, and make sure that we’re on the same page. And if we’re not, don’t do it with me. But if we are, we’re going to have a beautiful experience and a beautiful result.

Now, let’s say that I’m a 40-year-old woman thinking about looking a little bit better but still being me, and I want to find the proper doctor who will not make me look artificial. How should I look for such a doctor nowadays?

For sure, it’s very difficult to select doctors nowadays, there’s so many doctors out there. Most patients make a decision based on a friend who’s had something done. If they like the result, they say oh, that’s the guy I’ve got to go see. The best way to do that is to understand, number one, what is the experience of the doctor? There are some people who say I’ve been doing injections for 20 years, but they do one or two patients a year, because they’re interested in other things. So, don’t go see a doctor who does it as a hobby.

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I have no problems with aesthetic physicians, ear, nose and throat specialists, eye surgeons, facial surgeons, plastic surgeons, who do these procedures because they’re dedicated to it, they want to learn, they want to get better at it, and it makes up the bulk, of their practice, those are the type of people to go see. But if it’s somebody who does one case a week in between seeing patients for other problems, that’s not who I would suggest that you go see. And make sure that you’re on the same level as the doctor and what your goals are. And if he’s not understanding, look – I tell patients all the time. A Ferrari is a beautiful car. A Porsche is a beautiful car. If I’m thinking Ferrari and you’re thinking Porsche, then even though you’ll get a beautiful result, you won’t be happy. So make sure that you’re on the same level of understanding of what the doctor wants, what he’s suggesting, and what you want.

And of course you must, and check out the doctor, call the corporations. Looking on the internet and seeing is this doctor liked, is this doctor not liked, I don’t believe that much in that. It’s the people who are not satisfied with the physician who go on the internet. If I do something very well on a patient, they don’t get on the internet and talk about it, because they’re very private about it. If I do something that’s not right, they’ll get on the internet. So the tendency is to have more people on the internet that talk bad about a doctor than talk good about a doctor. That’s fine, that’s part of the game. But find somebody who has a good reputation. Somebody that when you call their corporation, they say yes, we’ve never had a problem with this doctor, he has excellent training, these are his credentials. Then you’re safer. Sure, there’s going to be doctors who are just starting and need the experience, I understand that, but if you get somebody with experience, proper training, credentials, is dedicated, has the passion for it – look for the passion, la pasione – you’re perfect.

Updated: 2016-11-29

Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

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