Endotine Lift – Plastic surgery of the future?


This revolutionary endoscopic method can perk up drooping eyebrows, forehead, neck and skin around the nose and mouth or cheekbones.

Endotine is a system developed in the USA that uses super soft absorbable implants inserted under the skin to hold soft tissues in the desired lifted position. Fibrous structures start to form in the hypodermis after the procedure. They secure the tissue in its place and remain, even after the implant is fully absorbed.

The implants are inserted with the help of tiny incisions. They are often a good substitution for the traditional brow-lift, forehead-lift and sometimes even a face-lift or neck-lift. The patented design of the implants guarantees a safe tissue attachment in the new position. Moreover it enables the positon of the tissue to easily change in order to achieve the optimal position and correction.

Brow-lift and Eyelid Surgery all in one

One of the most effective surgeries using the Endotine System is the lifting of a drooping brow line together with upper eye lid surgery – all this through one incision. Moreover, the patient does not have to have general anesthesia! An Endotine TransBleph Implant is inserted into the area under eyebrow and anchored directly to the superciliary arch bone. The eyebrow is fixed into a new position with a minimum need to interfere with the periosteum. The surgeon then successively performs the upper eyelid surgery. The result of these two procedures is a really rejuvenated look. In the past, it was necessary to undertake several, more difficult procedures to reach such a look.

Sagging contours on the cheeks and neck


Ribbon Endotine Implant

Ribbon Endotine Implant (pictured) – enables many surgical approaches and a complete adjustment for the client in regards to his/her request by means of the direction and extent of the tissue lift. The implant is a thin strip that can be adjusted in length. It is inserted through a tiny incision usually in front of or behind the ear. The implant is fixed to the hypodermis with one or two absorbable sutures. The rest of the “ribbon” serves as an anchor for drooping cheek and neck tissue. The ligament causes the tissue to be fixed and the implant is successively dissolved.

Brow-lift with no problems

The result of a classic forehead lift – brow-lift is usually very hard to predict and the fixation of tissue into a new position very difficult. The tissue is fixed into the desired position through stitches, eventually screws, where the skin is screwed to the skull from the outside. Patients often have unpleasant feelings of tension after the procedure. Sometimes it causes hair loss. Thanks to Endotine Forehead Implants, these complications are gone. A special MultiPoint implant technology does not require any “sewing.” It offers a forehead lift with completely clear results. The implants are inserted under the skin through two small incisions (one on each side), the implant is fixed to the bone and the lifted tissue is anchored to them. The ligament allows the tissue to be fixed and the implant is successively dissolved.

Drooping cheeks and eyelids

Problems with sagging skin in the middle part of face can be solved with two types of adjustment implants: Endotine Midface. After its insertion, the surgeon lifts the skin with the help of a strip – part of the implant. Because the system as a whole is very simple, the surgeon has absolute control of the extent of the skin lift and he/she can exactly perform the desired correction. The implant remains in the skin only during the healing process and the fixation of the new position, and then it is absorbed.

The Midface ST implant is inserted via an insertion on the temple or inside the mouth (anchored by the stitch in the hypodermis) and it enables a tissue lift in the area of lines between the nose and mouth. The length of fixation is adjustable so the surgeon can lift the skin according to the patient’s expectations. Implant Midface B is used to elevate the eyelid skin – tissues around the cheekbones. It is absolutely safe and without any scars. It is inserted through the inner side of the lower lid, where it is fixed to the lower part of the eye socket. Thanks to this implant, it is possible to lift drooping cheeks vertically.

Thanks to its delicacy and minimal invasiveness, the Endotine System is a real method of the future. We can expect that in the next several years we will forget the traditional “cutting” lifts and surgeons will focus on absorbable implants such as Endotine. In the Czech Republic, Asklepion is one of the traditional pioneers of new methods in our country that have already been proved in the West. It is understandable that Endotine has its Czech boom right here. In the Czech Republic, the Endotine method is performed only by a head and neck surgeries specialist and plastic surgeon Petr J. Vašek M.D.

The article was created with the professional help of Petr J. Vašek M.D., Asklepion

Updated: 2008-05-27

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