Facial Augmentation by Muscle Injection (FAMI)

Author: American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Imagine if we could use fat from one part of the body where it is in excess and give it to the area where one badly needs it! This is how the thinking is going in cosmetic plastic surgery now. We are in the era of volume corrections.

istock 000006719994xsmall Previously the philosophy was always to lift/tighten/remove excess to correct the ageing face. Now it is less of these and more of adding volume or even just restoration of lost volume. The logic is that if tissues are sagging due to emptiness, why not just fill them out rather than lift or tighten. This gives natural correction to many problems and the best part is that there are no scars, little recovery time and less risk.

The FAMI procedure

So enter the new procedure of rejuvenation of face by fat graft and PRP, one variant of which is called FAMI. The FAMI name stands for facial augmentation by muscle injection Dr. Mohan uses these techniques to make the face look younger and fresher. By injecting the fat in the form of tiny droplets or parcels all through the different layers of face, a durable correction is obtained. 10 different zones of the face are treated. Five different layers are built up to repair all the changes of ageing in different parts of face. Dr. Mohan uses these tiny parcels of fat, which contain fat cell, stem cells [these cells are master architects which can multiply and make different types of new cells] and growth factors – the right mixture to start the re-building process.

What can the patient expect in the first few weeks?

After the procedure, which lasts 2 hours, there will be swelling and an appearance of bruising as if you had a major injury. But there is no pain. Do not worry, this is temporary. It is best not to see a mirror at this stage and it is best to limit the number of people who are going to see you in your first two weeks. Close relatives such as your husband or children should be pre-informed so that they do not panic and transmit the panic to you. Ask to see pictures of patients after this procedure and make sure that the family sees these as well. You may not recognize yourself in the mirror and your family may not recognize you! It is important to expect such comments and ignore them. Educating the family especially small children is important, they may cry looking at you as they are too young to understand. If possible, very young children should be kept away for 5 days.

You are now on a journey to turn the clock back on your face and perhaps look 10-15 years younger so it may come as a shock even to the well-prepared mind. It is important to be patient and let the swelling wear off and let the new cells do their repair job. Do not cry as crying increases the swelling.

Just like a building under construction is so different from the finished building, so is your face after the FAMI.

But within 2 weeks, it all begins to make sense. The cheek is fuller, higher, the face firmer [as it used to be when you took such thing for granter!] and the under eye area is looking younger. The skin also starts to glow more. At one month, some of this volume will decrease and some women may even wish it had lasted. The final result keeps emerging and gets better and better as time goes by.

What is the patient responsibility?

It is important to maintain a good life style. This includes good nutritious food, regular sleep hours, no tobacco products or excess alcohol drink, sensible skin care and to drink a good amount of water daily. Exercise in moderation after 3 weeks is good. Excessive calorie burning exercise is not good for the fat grafts until they are well settled. Do not look into the mirror and analyze the results for a month. The surgeon is a good source of support so you must seek his advice and follow it.

By Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon
UK Board Certified
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Updated: 2013-10-16

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

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