Fall is the best time for plastic surgery. Are you ready for it?


Fall and winter are the most suitable times for beautifying interventions. There are several reasons why most physicians as well as patients concentrate surgeries to the last several months of the year. Every patient should pay as much attention to the most suitable post-surgery compression garment as they do to the the date of the operation.

Why colder months? Whether you’re considering liposuction or breast augmentation – never make do without post-operative compression garments.

Omlazeni rijen 2015 EN 01 Fall is also more practical for the simple reason that by next summer all your scars will have healed and the post-operative garments can be easily hidden under your regular winter clothes. Moreover, high summer temperatures are not good for the healing process. Also, sweating connected with the high temperatures can unpleasantly irritate your skin.

Post-operative care is an important part of the surgery all year round. This care, to a great extent, determines the result of the surgery. A good result means you will like yourself and feel confident when you immerse yourself back into everyday life. Therefore, it is important to choose a proven brand of compression garment. The products of the Czech company LIPOELASTIC a.s. rank among the world’s most successful. Their garments are, without exaggeration, suitable for every season.

Omlazeni rijen 2015 EN 02

Playing it safe in the case of the most frequent surgeries (liposuction and augmentation) means choosing the LIPOELASTIC two-step program. Feedback from physicians and patients prove the exceptional efficiency of this compression therapy alongside a large number of other garment benefits, which:

  • Minimize swelling and bruises
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Eliminate the risk of infection
  • Form contours
  • Stabilize implants (in the case of augmentation)
  • Reduce pain

On top of that, it may be interesting for women that apart from the above mentioned benefits, the LIPOELASTIC® garments are also exceptionally chic, as you can see in the short video.

lipoelastic videdo



You can purchase the LIPOELASTIC® post-operative garments either from your plastic surgeon or in our e-shop eshop.lipoelastic.com.



For more information on innovative compression garments visit our website, our eshop or see our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

Updated: 2018-04-04

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