First Organic Hair Transplant by Dr. Bulent Cihantimur in the world


Hair loss can affect anyone, lowering the self esteem and putting pressure on the Social life trying all sorts of methods that will not work, from medication to natural remedies, can be quite frustrating.

The “Organic Hair Transplantation” method is developed after 2 years of research and development process in Estetik International Laboratories. In this method adipose tissue derived stem cells are obtained from the fat tissue of the patient and injected to the scalp.

One of the major problems of the hair transplantation is that the recipient area does not have enough quality in certain cases. Hair transplantation is directly related with the recipient area also. The more vivid recipient area and high quality hair root the better results you will achieve.

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How the “Organic Hair Transplantation” method is performed?

Adipose tissue derived stem cells are obtained from own fat tissue of the patient, enriched from the stem cells and then injected to the recipient area prior to the transplantation process. By this way the volume of the recipient area is increased allowing the surgeon to work more comfortably. The chemicals used in regular hair transplantation are not used in this procedure therefore possible harms of the chemicals are avoided. Hair roots obtained from the donor site are transplanted by the surgeon to the recipient area.

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Advantages of the “Organic Hair Transplantation” Method

There are several advantages of the stem cell injection performed during the “Organic Hair Transplantation”

  • Healthy, Permanent and Strong Hair
  • More vital recipient area
  • Easier hair transplantation
  • Avoiding chemicals used in regular hair transplantation method
  • Increases the viability and life of newly transplanted hair roots
  • Positive results achieved with “Organic Hair Transplantation” is up to 96%

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Why the “Organic Hair Transplantation”?

The donor site and the hair roots are focused only in the classic hair transplantation methods. Grafts are obtained and then transplanted to the recipient site. However the adipose tissue is decreased in the area that is gone bald. It can be easily observed that the skin tissue is thinner in this area. Success rate is quite low even if you transplant the grafts to this area.

The vital hair roots are the true treasure of a bald man. However these hair roots may be lost after an unsuccessful hair transplantation attempt. Besides; it is known that the chemicals injected in the classical hair transplantation techniques in order to increase the volume of the recipient area for allowing the surgeon to work more comfortably result in tissue damage.

The “Organic Hair Transplantation” method come forward especially in these type of situations. Adipose derived stem cell injection yields a better recipient area for surgeon to work while providing a healthier recipient area.

“Organic Hair Transplantation” and “Local Fat Deposits”

“Organic Hair Transplantation” also eliminates the local fat deposit problem. We obtain the fat tissue that will be used to obtain adipose tissue derived stem cells from local fat deposits. Stem cells are placed in the fat tissue mainly. For example we obtain the fat tissue from abdominal, buttocks and tight areas in males. Therefore unwanted fat deposits are removed with the Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique.

Several changes take place after the injection of adipose derived stem cells during the “Organic Hair Transplantation” process. One of the main reasons of hair loss is thinned skin tissue as it was mentioned before. With the injection of adipose derived stem cells to the scalp; cell rejuvenation process initiates and dermal structures gets enhanced. Therefore the viability rate and quality of newly transplanted grafts are increased. Stronger and healthier hairs are achieved with the rejuvenating effects of the stem cells in the long time.

Updated: 2016-10-19

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