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The association between pregnancy and breast implants was, is and maybe always will be a subject delicately approached by both plastic surgeons and women planning to become pregnant. ”There are many questions that arise more and more frequently in our discussions with patients, revealing their worries about how breast implants can affect future pregnancy. Is part of our duty, as doctors, to give them honest answers in order to help them agree on the right decision.” says Dr. Theodor Motruc, plastic surgeon and founder at Omini Clinic Iași.

Are silicone implants going to affect the health of the mother or baby during pregnancy? 

The health of neither mother nor baby is put at risk due to breast implants either before, during or after pregnancy. Although the breasts can undergo dramatic changes, the durability and viability of the implants will not be affected. Breast implants should not be a concern when it comes to pregnancy.

Is the breastfeeding process affected by breast augmentation surgery that has been made before pregnancy? 

The breastfeeding process depends very much on the placement of breast implants. They are best and most often positioned retromuscularly (under the pectoral or submuscular muscles) and rarely subglandular.

Most women can breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, with the recommendation that a woman should not seek to get pregnant earlier than 6 months after surgery. The operative technique of submuscular placement of the implant delimits it from the mammary glands, not affecting the breastfeeding process. Also, this placement helps the muscle better hide the characteristics of the implant, making its edges and curls less visible. At the same time, this type of placement reduces the risk of post-surgical contractile capsulitis.

Is a breast lift procedure going to be necessary after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, our body goes through several transformations, most of them coming from hormonal causes. These include changes related to the bust.

In general, the hormonal changes that occur lead to the progressive swelling of the breasts during the 9 months of pregnancy, increasing their volume as the body prepares for breastfeeding. After birth or after breastfeeding, the extra volume gradually decreases, sometimes more than the initial level. These fluctuations often generate stretch marks and changes in the shape of the breasts, but also a decrease in volume that can be observed in their upper part, giving rise to a left breast look (apparent or real) so-called "pseudoptosis". It actually represents a decrease in the volume of the mammary glands (the skin loses its support, resulting in this left breast aspect).

Changes are similar also when it comes to women who have had breast augmentation surgery in the past, but in general, implants do not suffer and do not affect this process in any way.

The need for intervention after the end of the breastfeeding period depends on the patient, leaning on the body's reaction to the transformations it goes through throughout the period. In most cases, the changes are minor. 

After how much time can you schedule a breast augmentation surgery after pregnancy?

It is generally recommended that breast augmentation surgery takes place after 6 months since the breastfeeding period has ended (generally 2-3 months after breast stabilization). All this time, the body regulates the hormone levels, while its weight comes back to the normal values. 

After this period, a specialized medical consultation should be scheduled. Thus, following a medical examination and the patient's dissatisfaction, respectively desires and expectations, the plastic surgeon will make the most appropriate recommendations.

The final decision shall be agreed upon together, taking into consideration all required aspects. Among the most important factors come the nipples' position, breasts volume, their final size and their symmetry.

The breast implant does not affect a future pregnancy, it is not affected by it respectively, as long as the few essential aspects for the good course of the procedure are wisely followed. If you want a change in the bust and you are considering a pregnancy in the near future, we recommend you to talk to the plastic surgeon in order to find a customized solution, created exclusively according to your needs and expectations, to give you the optimal desired result. During this period, Omini Clinic Iași also offers you the possibility of online consultations.


Updated: 2020-11-03


Aesthetic plastic surgery specialist, OMINI Clinic founder, in Iasi. His specialities are breast implants and rhinoplasty, However, in the last few years, he dedicates to body remodeling through liposuction, also with larger surgeries combined with tummy tucks or lipofilling.

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