Get a natural look after breast augmentation with Motiva implants

One of the biggest concerns that women have when they are considering a breast augmentation surgery is whether the results will be natural, if anyone is going to notice that they carry implants, as well as if its size will be adequate for their body shape and will fulfill their expectations.

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It is important to note that these implants will remain in the women’s body for many years, therefore all the decisions that revolve around prostheses can determine the success of the operation and, therefore, achievement of the expected aesthetic result.

We must bear in mind that the final choice depends on several factors such as the volume and current shape of the patient's breast, her anatomical characteristics, the actual state of cleavage and, of course, the results she wants to achieve.

For this reason Motiva® offers two main options among its implants that are ideal for achieving a natural result both to the eye and to the touch. Want to know more? Then we invite you to read this article.

Implants that adapt to the natural shape of your body

Motiva Ergonomix® implants have been designed in such a way that they move completely naturally alongside with the body thanks to their ergonomic design and modern materials; thus they are the first ergonomic breast implant on the market.

Their main advantage is that they adapt to women's movements. For example, when lying down they take on a round shape, while when standing up they have an anatomical shape. Therefore, unlike other prostheses on the market, they mimic natural breasts really well, as they look, feel and even move as them. In addition, the patented Ultima® silicone gel is softer so, even to the touch, the implant resembles a real breast.

Another important point to consider before a breast augmentation operation is the projection or profile of the prosthesis, that is, the distance that the prosthesis will protrude from the thorax once it is placed. This point is especially important since depending on the choice the chest will be more or less proportionate to the rest of the body. Together with your surgeon you will surely find the best option according to the results you are looking for and your proportions.


Different projections of Motiva® implants


The surface of these prostheses is smooth. In addition, its filling gel is ultra soft so the implant can maintain both it's structure and it's stability while at the same time flow when necessary.

There are four projections of Motiva® prostheses available:

  • Mini: the lowest projection
  • Demi: moderate-low
  • Full: moderate-high
  • Corsé: the highest projection 

What patients would find Motiva Ergonomix® the best choice?

Surgeons usually recommend this type of prostheses in the following cases:

  • sporty patients
  • women looking for a very natural result
  • when there is a risk of rotation of the prostheses due to more than one surgery
  • patients with specific anatomy 
  • women who don’t want anatomical implants
Before after the placement of the Motiva Ergonomix® prosthesis

Sometimes the best option is to combine implants and fat 

In some cases, to achieve the most natural effect it is advisable to combine the Motiva® implants of small sizes with lipotransfer procedure, where the patient’s own fat is extracted, and, once purified, injected into the chest. In addition, this allows to eliminate excess fat from other areas of the body such as the thighs or the abdomen.

This revolutionary technique is called MotivaHybrid® and thanks to fat transfer it is possible to achieve:

  • more personalized results 
  • precise correction of defects
  • fuller cleavage 
  • correction of asymmetric breasts
  • more fullness in the upper chest area
  • the coverage of the implant is more efficient in the areas that may have lower quality tissue
  • very natural result
Result achieved thanks to the MotivaHybrid® technique

Smaller incisions

The second most common concern of patients is usually how the scars will look. As we know, depending on technique, these will be more or less visible. The implants used during MotivaHybrid® surgery are smaller, so the incisions will be smaller and, once healed, they will be much less visible.

Safety guarantee above all

Motiva Ergonomix® implants have a blue indicator called BluSeal® that ensures the integrity of a layer or barrier that prevents the migration of the filling of the prosthesis to adjacent tissues.

In addition, the implants have a microtransponder inside that allows identifying both the brand and size of the protheses from the outside of the body using a special reader, which is very useful during follow-up visits.

All Motiva implants have a lifetime guarantee and an additional 10-year guarantee in case of capsular contracture.

Updated: 2021-02-16

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