How to plan a safe breast augmentation: natural results and prevention

Being comfortable with our own bodies is crucial for our whole wellbeing. When choosing to undergo a surgical procedure as such there is one first step that needs to be taken into account: health, from a psychological perspective as well. Breast augmentation can bring great satisfaction, however, it must come from a conscious resolution.

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Safe Breast Augmentation: start from awareness

Breast augmentation is an elective surgery, this means that you need to dedicate enough time to self-reflection and to collect all the information regarding pros and cons with the help of your physician or health professionals able to explain all the advantages of this procedure as well as its possible risks.

This does not mean that breast augmentation is dangerous, it is not necessary to be scared, but only to understand that any surgical procedure has a certain degree of risk. Being aware of the risks, actually, means understanding the importance of prevention: if we keep this in mind it will come more natural to look for the support of qualified doctors and the counseling of professionals in order to choose your implants and the best technique according to your features and needs, therefore the patient will become more aware of the emphasis on good quality materials and of the relevance of adhering to the postoperative indications and follow-ups.

Choosing the implants and results

A fact that should not be taken into little consideration is the aesthetic result of the surgery because this is basically the most common reason for putting on breast implants.

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Before and After breast augmentation with Motiva Ergonomix®

Feeling fulfilled with the aesthetic and volume of the cleavage is the main reason for deciding to perform breast augmentation, therefore when we talk about safe surgery we cannot overlook the importance that satisfaction with the result plays in this context. As a matter of fact, what happens when you are not aesthetically satisfied with the outcomes is that there will be a greater probability of carrying out a secondary operation, thus subjecting yourself again to further risks and side effects.

A good result, for most patients, must be natural. But what does natural mean? Generally speaking, the breasts must be symmetrical and proportionate to the chest, the breasts must be neither too close nor too far apart, they must be soft to the touch and the breasts must have realistic movements and textures.

Precisely for this reason, two types of implants were invented: the round ones and the anatomical ones. A very interesting result in this sense can be achieved with the Motiva Ergonomix® implants, which have been specifically designed to find a middle ground between these two shapes and to support the movements of the body without spotting the presence of the implants. Their name comes from their design itself because they have been laid out starting from ergonomics principles, so when you are in a standing position they will keep an anatomical shape (the lower pole is larger than the upper one, like a drop), but if you change your position to a supine one, the filling material will move inside the implant mimicking the natural movement of breast tissue.

Prevention, the key to reducing side effects

Tens of years have been dedicated to research on the effects of mammoplasty and what emerges is that if you follow the health recommendations regarding the operation and its maintenance, breast augmentation is safe.

The percentage of risk, indeed, can be drastically reduced if some precautions are followed:

    • Rely only on specialized, qualified, and certified surgeons: an experienced doctor will be able to assess your general state of health in order to predict any risk factors and give you the right suggestions on choosing the best technique and implants for you.
    • Don't choose your surgeon just on an apparently cheaper price: sometimes a much lower price than the general average could indicate low-quality materials and instruments or lack of experience on the doctor side.
    • Make sure that the implants are produced by established manufacturers accordingly to the relevant quality certificates: breast implants of the best brands are subjected to specific tests that require strict safety standards. They are traceable and covered by a guarantee. All these steps allow reducing the risk of breakings and displacements and certify that the materials used for manufacturing are not potentially harmful.
    • Follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon for post-operative care: normally, you can go home a few hours after surgery, but post-operative care can last a couple of months. To avoid complications it is often sufficient to follow the doctor's instructions regarding medications, drainages, massages, etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you how to behave during the hospital stay, what should be avoided, and above all what symptoms need your attention in order to quickly identify any problem by informing your surgeon.
    • Have regular screening tests: after getting a breast augmentation procedure it is necessary to carry out regular checks (mammograms, breast ultrasound scans, etc.) to identify any possible anomalies such as nodules, ruptures, or contractures since the very first stage so that you and your physician can take immediate action and avoid possible complications.


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Updated: 2021-02-24

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