How to prevent wrinkles?

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As we grow older, our skin loses its firmness and the first expression wrinkles and age spots start to appear. You can influence how quickly your skin ages, however, by taking care of your skin both externally and internally.

We know that smoking, dehydration, lack of sleep and excessive tanning in particular all contribute to faster skin ageing. On the opposite side, a healthy diet, sufficient rest and, above all, sufficient fluid intake have a very beneficial effect on the skin. The cosmetics you use also play a big role.

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Quality anti-wrinkle cream is key

Wrinkles can be either expression or static. Expression wrinkles first appear around the eyes, between the eyebrows and in the area around the mouth. Static wrinkles come later with gradually sagging skin and its ageing. However, preventive use of special anti-wrinkle products can significantly delay the development of skin ageing and smooth out fine lines. The basis of your daily skin care routine should therefore be an anti-wrinkle cream, which professionals recommend you start using from around 25 years of age. The sooner you start with wrinkle prevention, the better the results. Vichy Aqualia Thermal cream with hyaluronic acid is a particularly effective product to prevent skin ageing. Hyaluronic acid has exceptional hydrating and regenerating effects. It protects the skin against free radicals and keeps it perfectly firm and supple. 

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Try a serum or eye cream as well

Regularly applying a special serum under your day cream will intensify its effects in the fight against wrinkles and sagging skin. Anti-wrinkle serums effectively prevent the formation of unsightly age spots and have a brightening effect. There is a huge range of special products available on the market nowadays that will make your daily wrinkle prevention truly effective. A great tip is Vichy Slow Age a daily treatment to slow down ageing, which is made up of an anti-wrinkle day cream, fluid and eye cream.

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Do something extra for your skin!

An anti-wrinkle mask, used once or twice a week, can also help promote skin elasticity and firmness. Anti-wrinkle masks can really do a lot to help. They moisturise your skin deeply, nourish it, regenerate it and even out skin tone. They are great for preventing wrinkles and your skin will be visibly healthier and brighter even after the very first use. You will of course need at least 15-20 minutes for the mask to work, which might be quite an issue during a busy week. However, if you give the mask enough time to work, you will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in your skin, and also enjoy the regular bit of relaxing time.

Updated: 2018-05-03

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joshuamiller7602  |  visitor  |  Virginia
  • 37 answers
Wrinkles and fine lines are common signs of aging, but can occur at any stage of your youthful years; hence, often referred to as ‘premature or early signs of aging’. Different creams are suitable for different types of skin, and to make the right selection, you need to be sure that you know how effective they are for your skin type. Likewise, different anti-wrinkle creams target different causes of wrinkles. Hence, it is better to consult a dermatologist to learn the exact cause of wrinkles. This will eventually help you make a better choice. Prior to buy, you must know 'anti-wrinkle creams – how effective they are?'. Get more info at
Olivia  |  visitor
  • 6 answers
With the advancing age, premature ageing signs, fine lines, wrinkles are very common. In order to delay the effect of age, many natural anti ageing creams are available today that are prepared from herbal extracts. It is believed to be the best age-defying formula for a glowing skin that maintains skin texture without causing any harm to it.

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