Medical Tourism: Is it worth it? These stories will change your mind


Plastic surgery has become more available in the last decade largely thanks to medical tourism, the industry which allows customers to travel abroad in order to get affordable surgery and combine it with a holiday. Clinics are springing up even to this day, and we can find them present in Europe, South America and India. As more customers flock to the industry and it becomes worth more and more, we must ask, what are the costs of medical tourism for the customer? It is not hard to see horror stories in the news, but what of the success stories? In this article we will take an even look at the facts and stories out there today.

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America has been greatly affected by the opening of cheaper surgeries for cosmetic surgeries. Medical tourism holiday packages work a bit differently over there, and the cosmetic surgery travel industry has evolved uniquely. This is because of the border with Mexico, where most visitors go for affordable plastic surgery.

Many customers from San Diego find themselves in Tijuana, where they can also get affordable dentistry. The national press in the USA has been quick to condemn medical tourism, and stories have emerged of terrible allergic reactions to poorly administered drugs and procedures that failed the needs of patients.

These stories are unfortunate and they seem to tarnish the name of medical tourism and cosmetic surgery holidays for all. It should be noted that most of these stories come from far out locations such as South America, India and Asia. Also, we should know that medical tourism has benefited the societies and communities of such places, which were once in a state of disrepair and crime before being regenerated by industry.

Finally we should also note that clinics in Europe, such as those in Prague, often have high rates of success stories. When booking your clinic, take a look at the plastic surgery reviews page to see what other customers have said. If you want to know more, never be afraid to email directly and find out exactly what you want.

Another reassuring thing is the fact that awards are now being given for medical tourism and plastic surgery holidays. IMTJ, the International Medical Tourism Journal, regularly report on the best of medical tourism and the most successful names in the cosmetic surgery abroad business.

In conclusion, it seems sad that horror stories make the front page but that success stories have to be looked for independently. The lesson for all readers to take home is to do your own research, and to learn both sides of the story before booking your medical travel holiday.


Updated: 2018-11-16

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