Minimizing Scars From Breast Augmentation

Author: Dr. med. habil. Philip H. Zeplin

Breast implants may be inserted via one of three main incision locations. Each one of them has its own advantages, and the best option for one patient may not be the same for another.

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Natural breast augmentation

Choosing the right incision location depends on a number of factors, and your surgeon will ultimately be able to recommend what may be the most appropriate option for you based on your individual case.

A recent surgical technique that is quickly gaining popularity among surgeons is the Motiva MinimalScar™ procedure, in which innovative tools and less invasive techniques are applied to allow a minimally sized incision (and therefore, minimal scarring).

Find out more information about the Motiva MinimalScar™ breast augmentation in the following interview!

Where can the incision for implant insertion be placed during breast augmentation?

We typically recognize three incision sites in case of breast augmentation: underarm (transaxillary), areola (periareolar), and under the breast within its fold (inframammary). The last one in particular represents my personal preference.

operacni pristupy augmentace prsou
Three incision sites for breast augmentation: 1. transaxillary, 2. periareolar, 3. inframammary

What is the difference between a standard procedure and a Motiva MinimalScar™ breast augmentation in terms of the size of incisions?

The ordinary surgical technique involves a 4-6 cm incision. Of course, the size of the implant also plays a key role. Motiva MinimalScar™ allows for breast augmentation with minimal scarring of less than 3 cm.

However, this technique often results in an incision of less than 2 cm, especially when the implants are smaller than 300 cc.

MinimalScar1 Scar length comparison after a Breast Augmentation (upper image: standard procedure; lower image: Motiva MinimalScar™)

How does this minimal-incision breast augmentation technique work?

It requires to meet certain technical parameters - the surgeon must be able to prepare the pocket for the implant through this tiny incision and, of course, the surgeon needs to have enough room to access the breast implants in order to place it through a minimal incision.

Motiva Implants® have gel properties that lend themselves well to a minimal-incision surgery technique. They have low rigidity and low risk of gel fracture, allowing them to be inserted via incisions as small as 2.5 cm (nearly half the standard size), promoting a safer and quicker recovery and a barely visible scar.

The surgeon will also need to use a MotivaImagine® Insertion Sleeve and an Ultralight LED Retractor to insert an implant through this tiny incision into the prepared pocket.

An insertion sleeve is a cone-shaped sterile bag that looks like a sort of cake-decorating bag. During the operation, the surgeon uses the sleeve and retractor to press the implant through the small incision and therefore into the breast.

The MotivaImagine® Insertion Sleeve makes it easier and safer to insert the implant without introducing germs through the incision from the exterior,  minimizing the risk of infection.

Not all breast implants are suitable for the minimal-incision method, but Motiva Implants® are specially designed to work with tiny incisions. What makes these implants suitable for this technique?

The Motiva® implant shell is designed for insertion through a minimal incision without impairing the implant’s mechanical properties.

The high tensile strength of the shell (a feature known as TrueMonobloc®) allows the implant to be placed with no damage or change to the shape of the implant.

Scar appearance after 2 years from a Motiva MinimalScar™ breast augmentation by Dr. Zeplin

For Motiva MinimalScar™ breast augmentation, surgeons specifically have to use the round version of Motiva Ergonomix® (Motiva Ergonomix® Round).

With minimal scarring and these elastic gel implants, breasts can look and feel completely natural after a Motiva MinimalScar™ breast augmentation procedure.

Published: 2020-12-22

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