“Mommy makeover” with Brazilian butt lift


With the increasing popularity of Brazilian surgery, more and more patients are requesting fat transfer buttock augmentation in combination with another procedure. The most frequent secondary request is fat transfer breast augmentation, as well as abdominoplasty.

prsa1 Whilst such combination procedures produce very impressive results, there are some special considerations in patients undergoing Brazilian butt lift surgery.

„The problem is positioning of the patient after surgery, “says Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella and Head of the Plastic Surgery Department in the Málaga branch of famous Hospital Quirón.

Dr. Aslani is one of very few surgeons in Europe with special clinical interest in Brazilian butt lift surgery and the first surgeon on the old continent disposing of a couple of hundred cases of experience with this procedure.

“For excellent results regarding fat graft „take“ it is essential that the patient shall not lie supine or sit in the first two weeks after a Brazilian butt lift procedure,“ so Dr. Aslani.“If we combine the operation with abdominoplasty or a breast procedure, it is very awkward to position the patient comfortably, since she should really not lie on neither side.”

In the case shown here, the patient decided that the breast was the more important point for her, so she decided to take the chance and stayed in supine position. To furthermore optimize graft take, the lion share of her fat graft was inserted deep into the muscle, where take is usually excellent regardless of position.

aslani pred po

Three months post op she has maintained nearly her complete volume in the buttocks, and of course both breast and buttock surgery are very nice complementary additions. However, it has to be said that due to the problem of positioning after surgery, patients should beware that some element of graft loss can occur on the buttocks in a combined procedure.

„This is a decision that every patient will have to take for herself. In this case, it turned out great for the patient, so it was definitely worth it,” so Dr. Aslani.

Published: 2014-06-09

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Shortystoys7  |  visitor  |  California
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This is one Dream I wish I can take it soso unhappy with my self and please help me
Maya Aesthetic  |  Basic member  |  Médecine esthétique  |  Istanbul
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Hello, we can definitely help you with that.
It has been one of the safest and easiest operations.
please, can you provide us with your contact information, so we can contact you directly?

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Dr Paul Seknadje  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Paris, Le Port Marly
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i am the specialist in france
you can contact me directly at p.seknadje@orange.fr
you should stay 10 days in paris
best regards

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