Breast lift - Natural shape and fear of scars

Author: Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

Is it possible to combine a breast lift surgery with a breast augmentation in one surgical procedure? What sort of results can you expect? We discussed this topic with a distinguished plastic surgeon, Dr. Zuzana Cerna.

MUDr cerna

Dr. Cerna, what are the advantages of the so-called T-scar method? How does it compare with the single-incision method?

I believe women undergo this type of surgery mainly because they wish to have a desirable breast shape. Women who come to our clinic mostly have problems with sagging breasts due to age, breastfeeding, weight reduction or various yoyo diets that breasts are so sensitive to. We also often perform breast lifts on women who are generously endowed by Mother Nature, which can result in aesthetic problems and health issues. There are several available surgical methods. It is true that the T-scar breast lift surgery results in slightly larger scars, but on the other hands, patients can expect truly natural breasts and long-term results. The T-shaped scar fades over time and eventually will be practically invisible. The key is the placement of the horizontal scar directly under the crease of the breasts.

Do you perform a breast lift surgery together with a breast augmentation at the same time?

Yes, we do. But we always inform patients in advance that it’s not the final procedure. After some time this type of complex surgery is usually followed by another procedure, either an implant exchange or removal, or another breast lift.

How long will the results last?

This is mainly dependent on the quality of the skin. Some patients have very low-quality skin with stretch marks and poor elasticity. Their results will not be as long-lasting as those with good skin elasticity. I also don’t recommend this type of surgery to women who are still planning to get pregnant. 

Does the surgery have an impact on nipple sensitivity?

We try very hard to operate accurately and retain the nipple sensory nerves intact. Obviously, nipple sensation is very important for our patients’ sex lives. In most cases, nipple sensation returns right after surgery, sometimes it takes several days and rarely it may take several months. This is mainly in case of extensive breast reductions.

How accurately can you achieve the patient’s vision, especially when it comes to breast size and shape?

I would like to emphasize the importance of preoperative consultations. The surgeon should evaluate the patient’s skin quality, breast shape and general body shape and explain what sort of results can be expected. It is essential to describe what the breasts will look like directly after surgery and how their shape will change with time. The surgeon should recommend the most suitable breast lift or breast augmentation method.  Sometimes the patient’s expectations are not realistic. In my experience it is best to show the client before and after photographs of another patient with a similar issue. And to show them photographs of the results after some time post-surgery. The patient should than choose how she’d like her breasts to look. We will than take this photograph to the operating room and try our best to fulfil the client’s expectations.

pred zakrokem 1        pred zakrokem 2
Before the procedure
ctyri dny 1        ctyri dny 2
4 days post-surgery
3 tydny 1
      3 weeks post-surgery
5 tydnu 2
5 weeks post-surgery
7 tydnu 1        7 tydnu 2
7 weeks post-surgery
6 mesicu 1        6 mesicu 2
6 months post-surgery

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Updated: 2014-04-10

Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

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