A revolution in the fight against deep wrinkles


Do you think that only a facelift or the application of filler material can help you remove deep lines in your face? We have a new solution for you – the SurgiWire method.

The SurgiWire procedure is a completely new European procedure in the area of removing deep wrinkles. What’s more, this method is quick, highly effective, and offers a complete alternative to injection fillers and surgical procedures.

How does SurgiWire work?

Mimic muscles deep in the tissue are connected with skin by means of fibrous tissue. Some of these fibres draw the skin inward and over time create deep wrinkles between the eyebrows or furrows around the nose. The SurgiWire method relaxes the fibrous tissue beneath the wrinkles and the lines are subsequently smoothed out. This method can also be used to eliminate sunken acne scars or “smoking” wrinkles around the lips. Most of the connected skin and the relevant muscles are preserved and the mimic muscles remain completely undisturbed.

What is the course of the procedure?

The procedure can also be performed under local anaesthesia and lasts about an hour. The physician makes three tiny punctures in the skin with a special needle and feeds a very fine wire into the skin beneath the wrinkle. The physician then works the wire back and forth until the wrinkle completely releases from the skin. No incisions are necessary, which means that no visible scars remain after the procedure.

Is SurgiWire for you?

If you would like to get rid of deep wrinkles by means of a quick and relatively undemanding procedure, the SurgiWire method may be ideal for you. But if your wrinkles are shallow or are crow’s feet around the eyes, discuss other possibilities for their removal with your doctor – Botox injections, laser treatments, the application of filler materials, and others.

What awaits you after the procedure?

The treated area may exhibit swelling and bruising after the treatment, but should disappear after a week. It is best to spend the first night after the surgery in a semi-sitting position in order to minimize these difficulties. Ice can be applied to reduce the swelling. The final effect of the procedure – the smoothing of wrinkles – becomes apparent several weeks after the procedure. The results last at least 16 months.

Petr J. Vasek, M.D., Asklepion – Clinic and Aesthetic Medicine Institute

Published: 2008-06-30

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