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Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedure. Doctor Rajko Toncic answered your frequently asked questions.

Dr Toncic,

You are a renowned rhinoplasty specialist. Doctors say rhinoplasty is one the most difficult surgeries to perform. Do you agree? Is this a routine surgery or does every patient require a different procedure?


Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Tončić estetski kirurg


Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: Besides having a complex anatomical structure, the nose is one of the most important aesthetic details on the face and has an important function in breathing. Each nose differs from others by its individual characteristics and it is a part of a bigger picture, which means that it has to fit in with other facial features. During the aesthetic nose surgery, the surgeon needs to think about how the new nose will fit the face. Although rhinoplasty is not an extensive surgical procedure, it is technically demanding and requires a surgeon with a top level of education, extensive experience and a sense of beauty and aesthetics.

Statistical data reveal that rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries patients are most afraid of. Patients are often aware of their problems with their nose for years before they decide to undergo a nose surgery. How realistic are patients' fears and what do they fear most?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: Each patient is generally aware of the appearance of his or her nose for years before making a decision to have a surgery. However, it is not fear that makes patients delay the surgery, but practical reasons. It is normal to be afraid before the surgery, but in Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic, we have very good experience with rhinoplasty patients. They often regret not having done the surgery before, because excellent rhinoplasty results greatly influence the quality of one's lifestyle.

Is general anaesthesia necessary?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: As rhinoplasty is considered minor surgery, in the majority of cases there is no need to apply general anaesthesia. We can perform nose surgery under local anaesthetic with IV sedation, which is painless and comfortable for the patient. The benefits of this type of anaesthesia are various: quicker post-op recovery, reduced incidence of haematoma and bleeding, better results of the nose surgery and elimination of the risks related to general anaesthesia.

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What does your consultation with the patient look like? Do you use some kind of software to illustrate the final rhinoplasty result?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: Digital animation could be misleading as it can provide results that cannot be achieved in real life, due to the individual anatomical characteristics of each patient, and thus create unrealistic expectations for the patients. During our consultation with a patient, we focus on adjusting the cosmetic surgery options to meet the wishes and expectations of our patient. Also, our cosmetic surgery consultations are the perfect place to explain the course of the rhinoplasty procedure. What our patients find most trustworthy is our rich before/after rhinoplasty gallery demonstrating the surgeries we perform in Dr Toncic Clinic.

What influences the final outcome of the nose surgery? The nose is usually swollen after the surgery. When can patients expect the final result, without swelling and bruises?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: The final result of the nose surgery is mostly determined by the shape of the nose before the surgery along with the patient’s wishes and the surgery itself. After the surgery, the nose is usually swollen, so the final outcome of the rhinoplasty is visible after at least 2 months. The immediate recovery after rhinoplasty lasts for 7 days. Thanks to the precise surgical techniques and proven postoperative protocol, rhinoplasty patients can get back to their private and professional activities 7 days after the nose surgery in Dr Toncic Clinic.

Have you ever refused a rhinoplasty patient? If so, why?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: Our patients generally have realistic wishes and expectations. Nowadays, they are very well informed about the possibilities of cosmetic nose surgeries, so they come to the clinic with concrete explanations and descriptions of the desired result. Our rhinoplasty patients are mostly looking for the following nose corrections: reductions in size and adjusting the nose to the proportions of the face, correction of the nose profile - removal of nasal bump, narrowing of the wide nose, correction of the thick nose tip, raising or lifting of the droopy nasal tip, correction of large or wide nostrils, revision rhinoplasty, correction of boxer’s nose and correction of broken noses, septoplasty-functional reconstruction of the nasal septum, rhinoseptoplasty - correction of the nasal pyramid and nasal septum and ethnic nose surgeries. For the patients who have unrealistic expectations, we try to explain that they are not good rhinoplasty candidates.

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Tončić na konzultacijama s pacijenticom za operaciju nosa

Some patients have both functional and aesthetic problems with their nose – can both problems be addressed with one surgery?

Mr.Sc.Dr. Rajko Toncic: If a patient has breathing problems we can perform functional nose surgery, meaning operating on the nasal septum at the same time as the cosmetic nose surgery. This way we address both problems in one surgery.


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Updated: 2016-05-16

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