Spider Web Aesthetic

Author: Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD

Spider Web aesthetic leads the most preferred non-surgical skin lifting applications recently. The process has a system activating the production of collagen, fibroblast and elastane which diminish in time by placing medical threads under the skin.

Spider Web aesthetic is my technique that I have been practicing since 2011in my clinics while reaching many more people by providing my colleagues trainings with certification. The reason behind the Spider Web aesthetic why it is being loved and demanded so much is that it’s a non-surgical operation; the process is carried out by applying anesthetic cream so not to cause pain and this procedure is repeatable, curative and it does not cause the loss of expression most of all! Spider Web aesthetic that I designed by grasping the personal needs first and foremost to gain the most natural look now deciphers the secret of the youth with individual solutions.

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Surgical experience, an artist perspective and handcraft above all!

Let’s look at the details and the application of this technique. We use the latest medical threads structurally look like spider web fibers. They are flexible and can be placed under the skin minimally like a web. That’s why I called it ‘Spider Web technique’.

Our skin produces antibodies when it gets damaged and starts the healing process by reproducing collagen and creates a fiber structure on the damaged area. Spider Web technique is based upon a spider web-like structure embroidered under the skin with medical needles. It can be explained by anatomy knowledge, handcraft and mastership over the technique while it is a fundamental characteristic of the spider.

Non-surgical operation without pain and scar

Spider web aesthetic which I designed as a non-surgical technique without using a scalpel exploits thin-faced medical needles to cover the face with medical threads like a web and handcraft. Actually, the technique’s principle is very simple. We cover the dermis with threads like a web so the skin surface has neither scar nor incision. Medical threads react with the skin while lifting it. Thus, a biological fibroblast, a natural fiber is produced and the collagen production increases. We observe that dermis renews itself and gains a flexible and stretched structure by being rejuvenated. You notice a certain difference day by day with this mechanism. Medical threads under the skin dissolve after the six months and the rejuvenation goes on nonstop. For example, you have this treatment while you are 30 and when you reach 35 you still feel you are 30 and likewise; when you are 40 you feel like a 35-year-old person. Briefly, your age comes from behind.

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Not just for your face!

My patients mostly prefer the Spider Web Aesthetic for their faces; it is a very efficient application for upper and lower legs, tummy, neck and breast areas.
Spider web aesthetic can be combined with many other aesthetic operations and it can be used as an auxiliary and supplementary process. It performs like an assistant for many surgical operations like Genital Rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, mastectomy and tummy tuck.

Beauty is discovered when you decipher it

Everyone has their own unique facial expression and this expression should be preserved while rejuvenating it and a personal treatment planning should be involved to gain the most natural look. It should be performed over the skin point by point according to the patient profile. Each person has different aesthetic points to be deciphered. The beauty comes to the light when you solve them. The important thing is to find the accurate points of each person to be treated. Actually, this is what Spider Web aesthetic miracle means. A true aesthetic surgeon, a true planned treatment and a true practiced Spider Web aesthetic.

More information: www.estetikinternational.com

Updated: 2016-12-09

Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD

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