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Why is augmentation one of the most frequently carried out procedures within the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery? It is definitely not a sign of extravagance. The decision often stems from deeper feelings of one’s own imperfection and from a lack of self-confidence. Hardly anything can be a bigger blow for a woman who has just had augmentation surgery than disappointment in the result. Although seldom discussed, the result is significantly affected by post-surgery care. Now, after years of innovations, the company LIPOELASTIC has come up with a special program which eliminates undesirable effects.

Compression therapy follows augmentation. Selection of the right compression bra during this period is absolutely crucial. Sport bras which are not designed for compression treatment are completely unsuitable and, in fact, may cause some health complications to the patient, including breast asymmetry. The company LIPOELASTIC offers something new to their patients undergoing the healing process as a part of the program “2 steps for the perfect result of augmentation”: a set of two compression bras for the perfect stabilisation of the implants. These bras mutually complement one another and will lead the patient safely through the treatment process.


Breasts are swollen and bruised immediately after augmentation surgery. However, the swelling and pain gradually will subside over the course of several days. It is for this specific period, which lasts 1 - 2 weeks, that LIPOELASTIC has developed the special compression bra PI extra, which patients should obtain immediately after surgery at the clinic. PI extra minimizes swelling and bruises, reduces pain (due to seamless cups) and it enables the wearers to adjust the compression depending on the swelling due to variable fastening. Moreover, PI extra is equipped with Classic Dry technology, which guarantees ultimate comfort in every situation. Breathable material carries body moisture away to the outer surface of the fabric and therefore maintains a constant micro-climate.

After approximately ten days, patients come for the first post-surgery consultation. Now, stitches are removed and it is at that point that the patient enters the second follow-up care phase, which lasts for about 4-6 weeks. PI unique bra is suitable for this particular period. Depending on the custom of the medical facility, it is either calculated into the price of the surgery, or the patient can purchase it directly at the clinic, through an e-shop or from a distributor. PI unique sizes are more specifically differentiated and they respect the standard implant volumes (patients usually no longer suffer from swellings during this phase). The bra is designed not only to meet the demands necessary for compression therapy; it can continue to be used after the therapy is finished during sport activities. This bra is also equipped with the functional technology Active Dry, which leaves the skin fresh for a very long time. It is so pleasant that patients will not want to part with it.

PI extra and PI unique bras demonstrate the highest standard of medical device in the care of a patient. More importantly, their synergic effect provides patients with maximum comfort during the post-surgery process; a more efficient convalescence; and a speedy return to every-day activities.

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Updated: 2018-04-04

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