The natural » Boob Job «. Fat transfer Breast Augmentation


Going under the knife has long been the most reliable way to really increase the size of your breasts, but what about using your own fat for that purpose?

zena alsani Fat transfer Breast Augmentation is growing in popularity as it eliminates the need for implants by recycling fat from one part of your body to increase the size of your breasts.

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation might sound like the ideal » Boob Job « - redistributing fat from your belly, legs or bum to the one place that you really want it - your breasts, but is it all that simple? And what kind of result can you expect from a fat transfer Breast Augmentation?

Marbella is home to practice of Dr. Alexander Aslani, who is one of Spain' s most prolic Plastic surgeons.

With his appointment as head of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Hospital Quiron Malaga since the hospital's opening in 2009, Dr. Aslani has become the only expatriate surgeon in Spain to be appointed head of a formal hospital department. Since 2013, he is also the head of the newly founded Plastic surgery department of Hospital Quiron Marbella.

doktor alsani Dr. Aslani and his team have great clinical interest in fat transfer and are national leaders in Water Jetstream liposculpture. Waterjet technology is regarded as one of the most eective approaches for large volume fat transfer. He and his team perform hundreds of cases of fat transfer every year, mostly to breasts and buttocks, and his extensive experience has made him one of the most experienced surgeons in Europe for this procedure.

Dr. Aslani comments on the most important Do's and Dont's in modern fat transfer Breast Augmentation

What is a fat transfer Breast Augmentation?

Essentially fat transfer Breast Augmentation uses breast from an area of the body where it is unwanted. The ideal candidate for fat transfer Breast Augmentation is a patient that is, for example, very keen to get rid of a fat deposit on her love handles and wants to make use of the removed fat for enhancement elsewhere." Dr. Aslani conrms this " Those patients, in my experience, tend to be very happy with the collateral eect to her breasts that they get together with with the fat removal. Satisfaction rates with this tend to be very high."

What about the downsides?

tuk alsani If you're thinking 'Great - bigger boobs, smaller bum' then hold your horses. Fat transfer breast augmentation works only for a limited amount of size increase. "If you want a more signicant augmentation, one session of fat transfer may not be sucient, and you may have one or two top up sessions," says Dr. Aslani. "Patients who are determined to have fat only, normally have no problem with this since fat transfer Breast Augmentation is usually done under local anesthetic only." Other downsides include the amount of fat that is required to do the transfer - some people just don't have enough!

Who benets most?

While not everyone is an ideal candidate for fat transfer Breast Augmentation, it does have several benets. Dr. Aslani says: "It is a very good option for patients who are out for a very natural result regarding look and feel and do not necessarily want a very drastic breast size increase. It can be great for breast reconstruction if someone has had a lumpectomy, or for correcting defects like uneven breasts. It is our procedure of choice for patients who want top ups in size with existing implants. We have also had excellent experience with fat if patients want their old implants removed, don't want new ones but of course still want some volume!

What is "supercharged" Breast Augmentation ?

Supercharged, or composite Breast Augmentation is increasingly popular in the United States and many surgeons see this as the perfect option for the perfect breast. "Supercharged Breast Augmentation combines the advantages of both techniques, implants and fat" says Dr. Aslani. In supercharged Breast Augmentation an implant, usually somewhat smaller than commonly used for Breast Augmentation, is combined with a natural volume increase with the patients own fat. "It allows the surgeons to achieve a more natural feel, and a very natural look. It allows for more shaping of the cleavage area and it avoids the gap between the breasts. At the same time, one can achieve much greater size increase than with fat alone.


Published: 2013-11-25

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