Tips for effective skin cleansing

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Do you suffer from blackheads, acne or persistent oiliness? The key to perfect-looking skin is thorough and regular cleaning. How often and when should you cleanse your skin and which products are the best for you to use?

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Pick the right cleanser for your skin type

Daily skin cleansing is a ritual that every woman should adopt. Cleansing your skin thoroughly gives it the chance to breathe freely and prepares it for the active ingredients in your moisturisers and other products. Regular cleansing also eliminates the formation of unsightly blackheads and blocked pores. It is of course important to choose your cleanser according to your skin type. A product that suits dry skin may not suit skin that is prone to oiliness. A great tip is the Bioderma brand, which has a wide range of cleansers on offer to suit different skin types. You can choose your cleanser depending on whether your skin is sensitive, acne-prone, dehydrated, oily or prone to eczema.

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What to use for makeup removal?

During the day, all kinds of dirt and impurities end up on your skin, and if you are also wearing makeup, it is important to remove it thoroughly in the evening to allow your skin to regenerate overnight. For truly reliable yet gentle makeup removal, try micellar water which gets rid of makeup and waterproof mascara. Micellar water contains active particles called micelles that bind to dirt and makeup. A micellar water makes it very easy to clean your skin fast without needing to scrub it using other products. Apply micellar water with a cotton pad and remove makeup from your skin using gentle strokes.

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Products for deep-cleansing

Alongside regular makeup removal, you should also clean your skin thoroughly once or twice a week with a gentle gel-based scrub by Avene skin care, a product which smooths the skin beautifully and removes excess flakes and all impurities. Apply the scrub to your damp face and then cleanse your skin, moving your fingers gently in circles. You should of course take care not to press down too hard on your skin so as to avoid irritation. To finish, wash the scrub off your face thoroughly with water. At least once a week, it is also a good idea to use a cleansing face mask that will deep-cleanse the skin and tighten enlarged pores.

Updated: 2018-05-03

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