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Professor Michele Zocchi, one of the world's most most highly acclaimed expertsin the field of plastic surgery and a specialist in breast enlargement with stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft (after the bicompatimental methodology),is now coming to Frankfurt on a regular basis.

Professor Michele Zocchi

Professor Zocchi is considered one of the world's leading experts on innovative surgical techniques and the autologous fat transplantation. As the "father" of the ultrasonic liposuction (liposuction) and bicompatimental breast augmentation technique (Breast augmentation with own fat), he is famous for his pioneering work in modern stem cell research and, with his new method of stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft ("Lipocondensation" and "enriched fat grafting") is receiving worldwide attention. Professor Zocchi will now be a regular presence in the practice of Dr. med Petra Berger in Frankfurt and patients in the area can rejoice: finally, they are able to benefit from high tech, state-of-the-art breast enlargement - and in the middle of Frankfurt !

Professor Zocchi is working mainly in Italy, co-operating and also teaching as a leading researcher and developer in this field. At nearly every congress on plastic and aesthetic surgery Professor Zocchi is recognized as an expert and high-caliber speaker. His presence during  the monthly office hours of Dr. Petra Berger, board certified plastic surgeon in Frankfurt allows the expertise on stemcell-enriched autologous fat grafting to receive international exposure.

"A breast enlargment with autologous fat transplant after the bicompartimental method in plastic surgery has now internationally taken its place as a good alternative to silicone gel implants. What has this technique, however, revolutionized and is providing excellent results, is the incorporation of stem cells, from the body's own fat."

This method (Lipokit® und Maxstem®) is regarded as the newest high-tech method for the extraction and enrichment of stem cells and was developed in a collaboration between specialists from Korea and Professor Zocchi. It consists of three steps:

  1. Lipocondensation

  2. Stemcell- isolation

  3. Enrichment of harvested fat with the isolated cells ("enriched fat graft")


The advantage of this method (stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft) is very promising, because the take rates are much higher than with any former technology (previously 50% now as much as  90%). "You can say: The re-implanted fat adapts much better with by the stem-cell enrichment and the new breast volume remains largely constant. We very rarely have to do refill operations."- Professor Zocchi is adding further.

As an experienced surgeon with over 8000 operations in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Professor Zocchi very early moved into stem cell research in his field and is reaching excellent results in the field of stemcell-enriched autologous fat grafting.

Women who want their breasts enlarged would like an alternative to silicon gel implants. Recent findings from the stem cell research and innovative technology can make this possible. "A breast enlargement with stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft is the modern alternative, without implants and minimal surgical scars and with a constant volume," explains Professor Zocchi further. And science is unanimous, as a large number of Japanese and American studies suggest: stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft is a promising and lasting implant for breast aesthetic.

"Every human body has stem cells. These are a like a precursor of the body's cells - a kind of reservoir of cells, with still undefined specialist tasks. Because of the stem cells repair and renewal capabilities in the body these little cells have the potential of a fountain of youth."

Dr. Berger, MD Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Frankfurt, is working with this top surgeon and researcher. Professor Zocchis cooperation with the Frankfurter practice of Dr. Berger enriches the Plastic Surgery in Germany and will give patients a Specialist Consultancy of the very first rank.

The benefits of breast surgery with the revolutionary bicompartimental method with stemcell-enriched autologous fat grafting:

  • 2in1 effect - liposuction and breast enlargement in one setting.

  • Minimal invasive surgery - minimal scars on the breast.

  • Soft and natural embellishment - visible push-up effect and more streamlined, elastic skin.

  • Security at mammography

Very good and consistent volume

Who is benefiiting from a breast with stemcell-enriched autologous fat graft

  • Women who do not want conventional silicon gel implants or who do not tolerate them.

  • If you plan  liposuction and a breast augmentation anyway

  • When a moderate enlargement of the breast volume is desired.

  • To correct a ptotic situation.

  • If the chest in the upper pole is relatively flat.

  • In congenital or acquired breast asymmetries.

  • When silicone implants can be palpated or seen on the borders of the breast

  • Women who want to loose weight or have a liposuction and do not want their breast volume to be the first to diminish women who want only one or only few procedures for lipoaugmentation of their breast

Author: Dr Petra Berger, MD Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Frankfurt

Updated: 2011-11-29

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