Vaginal relaxation and External vaginal tissues deformities

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I am 44-years old woman interested in re-vamping my romantic life. I have heard of Laser Vaginal Reconstructive (LVR) surgery but I'm not sure if it is for me. How safe is it? And what are the results?


"Revamping" the romantic life is an ideal and goal that has increased in frequency. The large baby boomer generation is completing its child bearing years and now has started to focus on themselves and their significant others. Due to genetics and the ravages of childbirth and aging, the confidence in genital appearance or function is diminished.

Vaginal reconstruction is meant for women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse such as a fallen or dropped bladder, rectum, uterus or vagina. Most women with these structural defects present with increased pelvic pressure, fullness and heaviness. Many complain of a leaky bladder or perpetual constipation. Some even see or feel a bulging mass protruding out of their vagina. That is usually a sign of sever prolapse. When a woman has these symptoms she often feels embarrassed and hesitant to become intimate. Other women have no prolapse but have a lack of vaginal sensation during the sexual activity because of a wide open vaginal vault. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation will help these women.

With the recent advances in Gynecologic surgery a return to an intimate romantic life, feeling 21 again, is certainly possible. The bulging tissues can be repaired. The wide-open and gaping vaginal canal can be narrowed and full depth reclaimed with Laser vaginal rejuvenation or in other words "Vaginoplasty". This surgery will increase the friction both partners feel and may increase "sexual gratification" and orgasm.

The external appearance of the labia can also be re-sculpted to a more pleasing and natural appearance. The damage of childbirth and the unfairness of the genetics can be erased. Labiaplasty surgery (reducing the excess labia) will improve comfort and appearance. Surgery will increase confidence to seek out intimacy and satisfying relationships.

Is vaginal reconstructive surgery safe?

Yes if is it done by an experienced and competent surgeon and the overwhelming majority of cases go quit smoothly and well with excellent results.

About Dr. Bader

Alexandros Bader, MD, FAACS, FAAOCG, FISCG, FWALS, brings a highly distinguished record and experience as Cosmetic Gynecologist and a Pelvic Floor Reconstructive and world class Surgeon. He is a European boarded Gynecologist and he had his highly training in Los Angeles-USA. To learn more about the physician, visit our website or call us on: 00971 4 4237600

Updated: 2013-12-01

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