Vampire (Dracula) facelift

Author: MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek

A new patented method from the U.S., which is used to regenerate the face. Blood is collected from the patient where the plasma rich in stem cells, growth hormone (HGH), platelets, and red/white blood cells is separated by centrifuge machines.

With the Vampire Facelift procedure designed and trademarked by Charles Runels, M.D., the filler does not come from a box, it comes from you. The cosmetic physician takes your blood in the way you normally give blood for a lab tests (same method and about the same amount). Then she (by one of several methods) separates the platelets from the other components of the blood. Next she activates the platelets to produce platelet- rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). PRFM is like a gel, similar to the other fillers and can be injected to sculpt the face - and it came from your own body. But here is a best part: not only does PRFM cause an increase in volume, but also PRFM acts like rejuvenating agent with at least 7 growth factors normally used by your body in healing. When PRFM activates the stem cells of the skin (with these growth factors) then new younger skin is born. Not only do you see more volume but also see a younger more glowing complexion. We overfill the area by 20 percent so that a person sees an approximation of the final results, but it's slightly bigger than will actually be. In about a day, the excess is gone, and several weeks later, the fibrin matrix built up, yielding the final result. It causes almost no bruising because it's a thin, watery liquid and there is no allergy testing required since it's a person's own blood. But PRFM method is not for everyone. We can’t use it on a full face. It is better for people with thin "creepy" skin. Creepy skin is natural consequence of aging and is characterized by loose folds and wrinkles. Dr. Runels (the designer of the vampire Facelift) did not invent the way to isolate the PRFM. What he did was recognized the need to give patients a way of knowing that the PRFM will be used in the most beautiful way. The Vampire Facelift is a procedure not a product. To use and advertise the Vampire Facelift you have to be certifying by ACCMA.
Dr. P.J. Vasek holds that certification. There are three signs of aging. The first is "descent“, what most people would call the effect of gravity. Second is "deterioration" or wear or tear. The third is "deflation" or loose of volume - as a face gets older, it loses the look of youthful fullness.

To use PRFM is a wonderful technique for all of this. Can be use in facial regeneration, wrinkles and hand rejuvenation, stretch mark, and scar reduction. While results vary, they are believed to be relatively long lasting. Results are expected to last a year, possibly up to four years, according to the reports from the US. Platelets really are where the action is. There is a whole untapped market of people who don’t want filler. The principle behind PRFM has been used since 1987 in cardiovascular surgery to prevent bleeding and has been used in sport medicine for healing and in veterinary medicine to repair tendon damage in racehorses. There are dozens of potential users. it reduces scarring, heal burns and has potential for osteoarthritis. It works for hair loss, but only if not to much hair had already been lost. Injected into the scalp of the patient, it has resulted in 25 - 30-per-cent increase in hair density. But the results vary. We have to choose the patient carefully. The platelets are only as healthy as the person themselves. Pregnant and breast -feeding mothers are not candidates. The problems we are facing is patient with unrealistic expectations. About 10 percent of the patients don’t get a really "vibrant" clinical response. Dr. Vasek always tells patient they need to address lifestyle issues before getting cosmetic treatment. That includes quitting smoking, taking vitamins and food supplements and to exercise. Patients are increasingly well-versed in rejuvenation options.

They have done their research on the internet and they know what they want.

Updated: 2013-05-10

MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek

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Vampire (Dracula) facelift

MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek

A new patented method from the U.S., which is used to regenerate the face. Blood is collected from the patient where the plasma...

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