When lactation leaves traces on breasts


Perhaps every woman who prepares herself for motherhood at least once takes a think about what her breast will look like after pregnancy and particularly after lactation. No matter if she has natural breasts or breasts augmented with implants.


Many women take very good care of their skin and breasts already during the pregnancy and the worse is their disappointment when the breasts remain saggy and without volume after the lactation. Skin quality and elasticity which is predisposed genetically plays a role in particular.  It is almost impossible to guess in advance how the breasts will change after lactation. There are women who have three children and their breasts return to the original shape after lactation, in others even one pregnancy can cause a substantial breast drooping and mammary gland atrophy, says Karel Urban, M.D. from the Esthé clinic. Experts do not even confirm the belief of some mothers that there are positions for breast-feeding which help to maintain the original breast shape.

Breast lift or implant?

If lactation left non-aesthetic traces on breasts, the aesthetic surgeon can intervene using several methods. He can reshape saggy breasts and modify skin cover, combine breast lift with implants or, according to a client’s wish, modify the size of areola which can remain significantly augmented after the lactation.

The implant is inserted either directly under mammary gland or under breast muscle. The implant size and anatomical proportions decide about its placement. However, none of the options endangers lactation. Of course it may happen that a woman will not breast feed but there is a certain percentage of women who cannot breast feed although they do not have implants, adds Dr. Urban. Despite the fact that most women with breast implants can breast feed, it is recommended to undergo the surgery only when the woman does not plan other pregnancy. According to Dr. Urban it is recommended to undergo the surgery after 9-12 months after the end of lactation at earliest.

Breast feeding with implants

There are no special instructions for women with implants who decided to breast feed. Their breast tissue will react to hormonal changes in the very same way as in women without implants.  They can breast feed in all positions which suit them and the baby.  The worries of some mothers about the safety of their baby is groundless; silicone gel is encapsulated under the gland or muscle and cannot get to the child. However, neither breast implants can guarantee the constant breast shape.  After the end of lactation surgical treatment is sometimes suitable.

Be it with implants or without, it is true that lactation is a period which should be the most beautiful experience for the mother and the baby when their relationship is built and fortified. It is pointless to suffer from uncertainty that the breasts may change shape and will not be firm any more. There is plastic surgery to help, solving many aesthetic problems in a much easier way than it could seem at first sight.

Updated: 2011-11-29

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