Yoga or Facelift? Different Battlegrounds for Fighting Age


We live in a world that is becoming ever more connected to holistic ideas in medicine and health. Once upon a time, you would only have heard about things like yoga and meditation in a hippy commune, or perhaps at some spiritual conference. Today the scene has changed, embracing the formerly new age ideas to make them truly contemporary.

It is not uncommon to find doctors and nurses recommending patients to practice meditation and yoga in their spare time to help speed up recovery processes or to decrease stress. The results are very positive, and show that these things can indeed have a good effect on patients. However, in this article we want to ask, what about fighting the signs of ageing?

Higher skincare demand and different factors of treatement

The question is an important one, as many patients are not necessarily fighting illnesses but also preventing the deterioration of the body. The ever increasing number of medical travel surgeries, cosmetic tourism agencies and global skincare brands proves that the demand is more than ever – so why not factor these new additions into the scenario?

From the start we can say one thing for sure – yoga and meditation have been proven to decrease stress, and that stress is one of the most prominent causes of ageing. Stress in all forms puts pressure on the mind that translates into bodily tension, including frowning and tense muscles. Particularly, frowning and tensed facial muscles increase wrinkles. It therefore makes sense that easing your mind with such recreational practices can help fight one of the underlying causes of ageing.

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Facelift changes your life.

When plastic surgery is appropriate

However, it must also be said that these things can only go so far, and are mostly preventative. For those who are already suffering signs of ageing these things will not be able to reverse what has already happened. Whilst you may be able to tone the muscles through yoga, plastic surgery is a popular option for more serious patients. Plastic surgery overseas and cosmetic tourism have provided a wide range of affordable treatments, including eyelid surgery and facelift, both of which address immediate signs of ageing on the face. Clinics in the Czech Republic, Poland and further east have created a market that enables many to find a treatment which is suited to their budget, hence the increase in plastic surgery customers.

In conclusion a much more comprehensive approach

As a final comment, neither of these can be relied upon on their own. If you have surgery, you will need to give yourself time to recover and unwind. Likewise, if you are only doing yoga or meditation to fight ageing, you will need to expand your practical approaches for a complete plan. Perhaps if these were to be recommended together, a much more comprehensive approach to fighting ageing would be available to all.



Updated: 2018-09-04

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