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Bigger Butt

Brazilian Butt Lift  |  Dr. med. Mehmet Akbas
Parisa  |  2017-10-18
 |  Düsseldorf
  Haven't done it yet

I would love to have a Bigger Butt to match my look, can you help? 

Need to know information about the surgery

The facial implants surgery  |  Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis
Mikel3  |  2017-10-18
 |  Berlin
  Haven't done it yet

I need yo know information about surgery skull reshaping and its implants. Thank you very much.

My tummy tuck with liposuction at the Laderma clinic

 |  Tummy tuck  |  MUDr. Zuzana Černá Ph.D.
Petalxx  |  2017-10-18
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

Had my tummy tuck with liposuction at the Laderma clinic...My second visit there, as I had a breast enlargement back in 2008...This clinic I cannot recommend enough!! Dr Cerna is not just a surgeon, she creates works of art! My mother has also been to the clinic a few times, the care you receive is ... More 

BBL with Dr. Hamers

 |  Brazilian Butt Lift  |  Dr. Alexander T. Hamers
Ich  |  2017-10-18
 |  Málaga
  It's worth it

Bereits vor ca. 2 Jahren hatte ich bei Dr. Hamers eine Bruststraffung mit Eigenfetttransfer. Vorher wurde mir Dr. Hamers von angehenden Medizinern empfohlen, die bei Cirumed im Hospital Quiron in Málaga einen Teil ihrer praktischen Ausbildung absolvierten und begeistert von der lehrreichen und praxi... More 

Stress free, amazing experience! Recommend 100%

 |  Rhinoplasty  |  Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.
AHnz  |  2017-10-12
 |  Ankara
  It's worth it

The decision to get rhinoplasty was not taken lightly. I did months of research and was very nervous about the procedure. Everything went smoothly with my rhinoplasty. I was treated with respect by everyone involved and the service was great. I was given pain relief when needed and had multiple visi... More 

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Fat transfer to buttocks

 |  Brazilian Butt Lift  |  Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.
Kevin K  |  2017-10-12
 |  Ankara
  It's worth it

Hello, I’m Kevin, 20 years old and from London. I had been looking at having the fat transfer to my buttocks for over a year and I was really really scared to travel abroad for the surgery because I have not had any procedures done before but the lovely people at International Aesthetics insured ... More 

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Description of my care by Dr. Cem Özlük

 |  Liposuction  |  Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.
mina  |  2017-10-12
 |  Ankara
  It's worth it

my recommendation My time spent with Dr. Cem Özlük and the team has been fantastic. I am overall very satisfied with my surgery and very impressed with the service and level of core prouded. I was welcomed with roses I was checked on regulany and have get the body I have always dreamed at. Dr. Cem i... More 

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I felt most comfortable with Dr Dinko Toncic, 2 years post-op

 |  Rhinoplasty  |  Poliklinika za estetsku kirurgiju Dr. Tončić
MarinaRick  |  2017-10-12
 |  Zagreb
  It's worth it , Total price: €2,000

About two years ago I've decided to finally take the plunge and get rid of the annoying bump on my nose. The bump was extremely visible from the side, as well as from the front, which almost bothered me more. After tons of research and online browsing, I've finally decided to book a couple of consul... More 

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Amazing life changing experience in Prague

 |  Gynaecomastia  |  FORMÉ Clinic
MarioF  |  2017-10-09
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: £3,000

Amazing experience. So glad I did it, it's changed my life. The whole team were amazing. So friendly and welcoming so much so that even though I travelled alone I never felt alone. Dr Benes is a genius.

I had closed rhinoplasty with Dr Vasek at the Forme clinic

 |  Rhinoplasty  |  FORMÉ Clinic
Passata  |  2017-10-09
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: £1,840

I had closed rhinoplasty with Dr Vasek at the Forme clinic in Prague. It was an amazing experience, there was pick up from the airport then dropped back to my apartment all included in the price, the only thing outside the price was flights and the apartment. The team greet you and get you to fill... More 

Is it safe?

Penis enlargement surgery  |  Dr. med. Petra Berger
Genci.geni  |  2017-10-03
 |  Frankfurt am Main
  Haven't done it yet

I would like to undergo the operation only if it is safe. Can you explain me the procedure? 

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My experience with this doctor is terrible

 |  Rhinoplasty
Sandalye  |  2017-10-03
 |  Zagreb
  It's not worth it , Total price: HRK11,000

My experience with this doctor is terrible, horror story. He operated on me even thought it wasn't necessary. My fault is for even thinking about this surgery but an honest and experienced doctor is obligated to refuse unnecessary surgery. Instead of that, he lied that my outcome will be great after... More 


I love everything about procedure

 |  Hair replacement  |  Dr. Ahmed ALTAN MD
adasko1977  |  2017-09-21
 |  Istanbul
  It's worth it , Total price: AU$2,650

I love everything about my trip and procedure. Dr Altan is very responsive and I have had all answers straight away. The facility is amazing and staff is highly professional and do amazing job. I am two weeks post op and people can't believe the result. It looks natural, very dens and what important... More 

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lengthening price

Penis enlargement surgery  |  Dr Alain-Michel DANINO MD Phd
thisisSteve  |  2017-09-18
 |  Montreal
  Haven't done it yet

I'm just looking into lengthening solely. Wondering about prices and success rates

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seeking tattoo removal options

Tattoo removal  |  Dr Richard Amat
Manu89  |  2017-09-18
 |  Saint Dizier
  Haven't done it yet

Hello ! i hope i'm in the right place . i found "you" on google . The problem is simple . i have this "masterpiece" on my ribs (photo attached), and i would like to get rid of it . Can you please tell my the procedure and approximately how much can it cost ? thank you !

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Sensual lips

 |  Lip augmentation - lipofilling  |  Dr. Alexander T. Hamers
Mrs Carlo  |  2017-09-11
 |  Málaga
  It's worth it

Beyond amazing results! I definitively wanted to go for a natural look. Dr. Hamers increased my lip volume and corrected an asymmetry. He created full an super sensual looking lips. I absolutely love the result and will be back in the future for more!

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