Mesotherapy for face without pigmentation, wrinkles and scars

Karolinkax55 Dr Jérémy Joiris Luxembourg 2019-07-24
Haven't done it yet

I am 33 years old woman. And I would like better face without pigmentation, wrinkles and scars. I am interested to Mesotherapy and so one...thank

My new boobs gave me confidence

Emz Dr. Ercan Demiray Istanbul 2019-03-31
It's worth it     

Am very happy and confident with my boobs now, after Dr Ercan perform the surgery for me, his staff where amazing, clean hospital, everything when perfectly well, and am happy with my results.

Replacement of my breast implants

It's worth it     

The operation succeeded correctly, I thank the surgeon as he is a very good person. Congratulations to the clinic and a thank you to all the staff!