Anonymous Dr. Luciana Mazzini São Paulo 2013-07-10
It's worth it     

I totally recoment dr Mazzini. She's very good explain all details of the procedures pre and post surgery. The cost is very fair and she's honest with the results expectation. Collaboration of the patience is important s... More 

Long lasting effect of botox treatment

Sarkitabro MUDr. Igor Janík Ph.D Ostrava 2013-05-29
It's worth it     

I have a very good experience, I had done a Botox 2 years ago, it lasted for a longer time compare what I have done in USA also it was much cheaper.

Flap reconstruction surgery

juk Dr. Jefta Kozarski PhD Belgrade 2013-05-23
It's worth it     

I had a very complex reconstructive surgery done by this doctor and I am more then happy with the results. I highly recommend him

Anonymous MUDr. Ján Švehlík Košice 2013-04-01
It's worth it     

I would like to share the very positive experience i had with Dr Svehlik and his staff,from the initial consultation to the post op follow up. He was very informative concerning my questions about the procedure,and at n... More 

Anonymous Dr Aleksandar Dušanović Belgrade 2013-03-23
It's worth it     

Hi Everybody, I have done forehead reduction, shortening of an upper space between the lip and a the nose, and fat injected into my cheeks. All I have to say is that Dr. Dusanovic is an expert in his profession. His... More 

Very bad

olja Name not published. Why? Brasília 2013-03-23
It's not worth it     

Very bad!

Feeling much better

Anonymous Dr. Juan Fernando Lopera Giraldo Medellin 2013-03-23
It's worth it     

He is the best doctor, i am so happy with all that he did on my body. i am feeling much better and happy! Thanks so much doctor! Mariana

Anonymous Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. habil. Christian Weinand Prague 2013-03-14
It's worth it     

Finally my wrist is pain free. After an accident one of my wrist bones was fractured. And it was discovered about a year later! Sadly I went to the University clinic Cologne and met Dr. Weinand. He was very nice and expl... More 

Proud of my new beautiful body

catherine Enrina Diah, SpBP-RE Jakarta 2013-03-14
It's worth it     

I did my breast and liposuction and the result is awesome. so proud of my beautiful body now. She changes my life completely

Anonymous Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda Cancun 2013-02-27
It's worth it     

I had my facelift on 29 Jan. and today my last stitches are being removed. I'm very fair and did bruise a lot but I purchased Arnica thru their office and it has helped to reduce the bruising and swelling immensley. Iht ... More