I´ve never thought it was possible

a.e Dr. Hector Herrand Perdomo Santo Domingo 2012-07-07
It's worth it

I couldn't reccomand this doctor enough! he really changed my body in a kim kardashian body. i never tought that was possible and i am so happy with the results thank you so much for the good care

Wonderful results

holleh Dr Armand AZENCOT Bordeaux 2012-06-28
It's worth it

He is wonderful, I am so happy with the results!

Best plastic surgeon

Anonymous Dr. Jose Achar Zavalza Mexico City 2012-06-25
It's worth it

He is just the best plastic surgeon in world, he change my life....liposuction, brazilian butt lift... he is just great.

Great cosmetic doctor

Anonymous Dr. Alberto Lara Jimenez Tijuana 2012-06-25
It's worth it

Dr. Lara is a great cosmetic doctor. He did my tummy tuck, lipo, and Brazilian butt lift.

Laser hair removal

Anonymous DR FAYEK MOURICE GORGY Cairo 2012-06-18
It's worth it

Dr Fayek dermatology clinic is a very distinguished clinic,very good staff, highly welcoming doctor with high experience, thanks for them.

Guilherme Dr. Murilo Louzada São Paulo 2012-06-18
It's worth it

Just realized that Dr. Murilo Louzada got a new web site, which I totally endorse. Dr. Murilo is one of the best on his area and he deserves consideration from myself and my family. Wish dr. Murilo Louzada all the best e... More 

Anonymous Dr. Ovidiu Grecu Bucharest 2012-06-18
It's worth it

I know this surgeon, he works in Bucharest, 4 years ago I ve done in his clinic, my breast implant surgery, he done it. He treated me very good and all the personnel from his clinic is very kind and helpful. The price wa... More 

Labiaplasty Egypt

Anonymous Cosmetic Gynecology Egypt - Amr Seifeldin, M.D Cairo 2012-06-18
It's worth it

Had my procedure at Egypt Urogynecology Clinic in Cairo, all went smooth. Very nice and clean center for female cosmetic & reconstructive surgery, nice staff.. very satisfied


Anonymous Dr. Jaime Gonzalez Mendoza Aguascalientes 2012-06-18
It's worth it

I had a good experience with breast augmentation.

Not a serious Surgeon

Anonymous Name not published. Why? Paris 2012-06-18
It's not worth it

One of the worst surgeon in Paris... I've been operated and he literally made the worst nose possible...


sonya AESTHETICA Constanta Constanta 2012-06-01
It's worth it

I am honestly very happy with my new face, the face that these amazing young team has given me! Thank you so much!

Highly recommended

Anonymous Dr. Alfonso Riascos Villegas Alfonso Riascos Cali 2012-04-24
It's worth it

it was great, highly recommended for all americans that are used to american standards.

The patients at risk

Anonymous Name not published. Why? Mexicali 2012-04-11
It's not worth it

I heard that this surgeon has two patients that died on him during the surgery, the rumor around the plastic surgeons and general doctors is that he works very slow which places the patients at risk.

Trust and good experience

Anonymous Dr. Rodrigo E. Vildosola Ulloa Mexicali 2012-04-11
It's worth it

I have a good experience from this Dr. and trust him to o future surgeries....