Full face lift and and revision of the columella


I'm sooo happy with my surgery from son and father...Dr. Toncic! I contacted Cindy Jackson (google her if you don't know who she is...shes AMAZING!) and she recommended them. I was scared to travel so far from the middle of USA to Croatia. I had no problems though. The Drs. were absolute perfection! My results are exactly what I wanted! I stayed with one of the nurses and her and her husband took excellent care of me!!! They prepared delicious gourmet meals for me 3 times a day and were very nice. My columella (the area that is between your nostrils was a bit too low from a previous nose job....(thanks to Cindy Jackson for pointing that out!) and now its perfect!!! I do mean perfect!!! I have very natural results, and people that see me don't even know I had anything done. Thank you soooo very much to the wonderful Doctors and their amazing staff! Also thanks to my lovely nurse and her husband for such great care! Everyone was so nice and professional! What more could you ask for!!!!???

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I am so pleased to read such a positive review! I am always very happy to publish them. Tell me travelling so far away you had to be pretty sure about the  doctors.

Drs. Tončić are both well-experienced doctors with a very good reputation in Croatia, which prooves your story as well.

What did you worry about the most? Was it the pain, the final result or the travelling itself. Did you talk to the doctors on the phone or how did you manage everything before the operation? When did you undergo the facelift?
And one more questions - system shows me a huge price, please let us know the final price so I can correct it.

Thank you for your replies, that could help our other visitors, best wishes, Michaela.

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I was most scared about traveling that far....as I never travel much at all...just don't like to. Also my family was horrified I was going so far away....they tried their best to talk me out of it...including my poor husband....but I had been dreaming about this for years! I always knew I would consult with Cindy Jackson on who she would recommend. I've been following her for years! I could completely relate to her! I was born a beautiful baby, but then genes set in and I was an ugly duckling! It was horrible to have to go through life (especially middle and high school) being the homely, shy girl that no one wanted anything to do with. It made me socially awkward as well! I suffered low self esteem for most of my life, I became obsessed with my looks. I knew the one thing that could possibly help was plastic surgery! I had a huge nose, weak chin and ugly hair...I had my nose fixed first, and that made a huge difference, later getting a chin implant to put my side view in better proportion. Eventually age set in and I couldn't stand to look in the mirror again....major sagging around my mouth and neck. I consulted with Cindy Jackson for an hour via phone and she gave me a few surgeons names in USA but said her highest recommendation would be Dr's Toncic in Croatia. That's all I needed to hear. I had to get my passport, birth certificate, have a complete physical with my Dr. Etc just to get ready for the trip. It was a lot, but I was determined. I communicated with Dr Toncic via email and pictures I sent of my areas of concern..including a video....they booked my appt and that was it....I was still having to convince my wonderful husband and family that all would be fine....but they just weren't having it. I will never be a raving beauty....I wish I could afford fillers for my flat cheeks and a hair transplant for my thin areas of hair in the front, but I'm a lot happier with how I look at the age of 57. I had my nose done in my 30's and my chin implant in my 40's. Facelift....check! Now I have to get back into the routine of working out and eating healthier. Btw...the total cost of the surgery was $8,400.00. I noticed I accidentally added one too many zeros where it asked for price. This included my stay with the nurse, food etc. My flight of course was separate. Their prices are much less in Croatia. That was a nice perk! At the end of the day, I look back at my difficult young life and how I struggled with my looks. It really made my life easier to be more attractive. Some people think I'm obsessed with how I look. Maybe I am. But you just can't argue with how much better people in general treat you when you are attractive as opposed to homely. Sad but true! I hope this helps others that have had similar stories. God bless!

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maureen goutier

Does anyone out there know of a recommended Doctor for a facelift in Mazatlan, Mexico???




Can you post before and after pics.

I have read some 'not so good posts about this family of surgeons' and I am also looking for revision nose surgery,so it would be good to see some positive pictures.

Thanks :-)

ehemalige Patientin

D'ont believe "Pseudonym".. This is a fake. By the contact with Cindys Office the told me, that Cindy never was by this doctor.

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