Thinks it time i took this into my own hands

Thinks it time i took this into my own hands


Taken Hormones for around 11months, Would like to be on them until i hit a 2yr mark as most surgants require them for that period minimum and would like to also wait that long for breast growth before anything. Ive passed the whole Diagnosis, Life exspirence as woman, Deed poll name change, Work and community as a female from age of 9 but officially/Offical documents. I am wondering will any insurance cover costs in UK? Prices? And also the requirements for it. How long to recover (Ish) Pain out of 10, And who's the best :D Im on Benefits and don't really have the funds of Caitlyn Jenner and NHS route is waiting so long im spending most of my time dancing with the devil in hell waiting to be free!!!

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Registered user Dr. Lazaro Cardenas Camarena 2018-08-02
It's worth it     

Exceptional, the quality of care and the clinic were outstanding... Very modern hygiene was second to none and the hospitality was wonderful , I will be going back for any more treatments and Australia is a long way from... More 

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