I've had gynecomastia for years and think its about time to ...

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I've had gynecomastia for years and think its about time to take care of it.

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Megan Bedell

Hi! Thanks so much for posting, and especially for including pictures. For some more information about the procedure please have a look here: https://www.estheticon.com/discussion/gynaecomastia-male-breast-reduction-surgery. I hope you find this helpful. Best of luck, and let us know what happens next. Thanks again,


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Dr. Julio César Escobar Fonseca
Plastic surgery, Cali
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It's worth it

I contacted Dr Ram from the UK and travelled to India to his clinic. This was completely worth it and I would highly recommend him and his clinic to anybody. The results even just 48 hours after surgery (as seen in the p... More 

Oli28 2018-06-14
It's worth it

I travelled from the UK to Dr Amirbekyans clinic in Yerevan. I had a revision rhinoplasty and gynecomastia (Male breast reduction). The clinic is located in a hospital, which is part of the Yerevan State Medical Univer... More 

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