Doctor for synkinesis treatment by botox

Doctor for synkinesis treatment by botox


I'm going to find the specialist who has skills and experience in botox/dysport treatment of the facial synkinesis (after Bell's Palsy 1,5 year ago) and planning to make injections (i have eyelid type of synkinesis) Unfortunately in Ukraine I can't find such experienced doctor, in August I'll be in Europe, ready to travel abroad only for right injection from experienced doctor

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Megan Bedell

Hi Olga,

It sounds like you know exactly what you are looking for. What research have you done so far, and what was the most helpful?

Have you looked on Estheticon for doctors? If you go here:, you will find a list of doctors who perform the procedure you are interested in. I hope you find this helpful!

Can you let me know when you have chosen your doctor, and how you made that decision? Best of luck!


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Dear Megan,
Yes, I know exactly what I'm looking for because already had a lot of consultations, and have found a lot of materials in internet.
I choose the topic - botox treatment for hyperhidrosis, coz unfortunately couldn't find more appropriate for me - Botox treatment for synkynesis (or at least botox treatment for palsy).
Hyperhidrosis - is more cosmetic treatment, so doctors in this category most likely will not be able to meet my needs.

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