Deflated breasts after breastfeeding


I know this is what I want now, I am tired of my deflated no breats after breatfeeding 3 children

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Have you thought of type of implants and their size? What did the doctor advise you - just implant or breast modelling as well?

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Hello, just implants, I am fairly small to start with. I am starting off with nipple surgery as they are elongated after feeding my 3 children. I am haapy to be starting off with this.

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I see. Anyway, I'll be happy to know the result. Nipple surgery is completely new to me, so far I haven't read a review on that topic. So if you don't mind sharing your experience, I'd be more than happy. Have you already scheduled a date for the treatment?

Dr Robin Van Look

Good evening,wldbore, Indeed nipple correction is a very simple effective procedure to reduce the length of the nipple after breast feeding. When you'll do your breast treatment you will want to change from padded bras to a lace kind of bra the nipple would then be visible and maybe uncomfortable. So it's a good idea to do this first. It could be combined with the breast surgery to If you want more info let me know through the contact page of my website Http:// Kind regards Dr Robin Van Look Kind regards

I had a nipple re construction. Super…


I had a nipple re construction. Super results no scars little pain no loss of sensation Semi anesthetic (partially awake) Now after a year I’m going to have augmentation. I am worried as the dr hasn’t really measured and drawn on me just gave me a few sizers to try on and said he’d bring a range of sizes to theatre. He was thorough about the look I wanted. I am lean and sporty can anyone tell me at what stage they were designed on drawn all over? Was it only pre op? Thank you ladies

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Hello, would you mind sharing your experience with the nipple correction via the following link:
Reg your breast surgery I'd definitely recommend having a second consultation with your surgeon so that you are absolutely sure about what you can expect.
Fingers crossed, when is the surgery scheduled?

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