Varicose vein treatment

mrs. sar

Dear Sir or Madam
I am enquiring about a varicose vein treatment/procedure available at your clinic.
I would like to book a consultation with the vein surgery specialist follow by a Venous Ultrasound diagnoses in order to identify my veins condition then consider a suitable procedure possibly EndoVenous Laser Ablation EVLA/EVLT? I would like to allocate appointment on the 21st of September at around 12 am? Could you please kindly book an appointment as requested.
I would appreciate if you kindly inform me the cost of the consultation and the Ultrasound legs scan?
Looking forward hearing from you at the nearest future.
Kind regards.
Oksana Soloma.

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Hi Oksana,
I've been considering undergoing varicose vein treatment for years. And this seems as almost painless solution. I'd be grateful if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience - how long did it take and if it was painful.
Have you considered other forms of treatment? Thank you, Barbora

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