This surgery changed my life, no it took my life from me

This surgery changed my life, no it took my life from me

Hope Withers

This surgery changed my life, no it took my life from me. Today I write with difficulty as the pain is relentless. I had my implants along with all my breast tissue removed in 1988 yet still have free silicone in both breast, chest, under arms etc. I have chronic autoimmune disease and other complications that prevents me from living even a semi normal life.
I breast feed my children and all have immune issues. My life has been a living hell .
I am consumed with hopelessness as my current Dr tells me there is just nothing they can do.

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I'm so sorry to hear that! :-/ I hope there is something they can do..
Did you have this desease before the breast augmentation?
Do you have this relentless pain because of the surgery?
Have you tried to speak about it with other doctor - specialist?

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Hope Withers

I spent hours writing a reply to this and it would not reconise me as a member and it was all lost? I am so disappointed as its painful to type.

I am prepared to go public with this information now as I have 40 years of medical details, time line etc. And nothing to lose. He took it all from me 40 years ago.

My procedure was not normal, took many hours on the operating table and over two weeks in recovery before I was permitted to go home.

There is a lot more to my story and I believe its a case of public interest. Profit before people. Greed is an insidious disease and prolific among plastic surgeons.

It was my ultimately my choice but not an informed one, I was lied to and seduced into a procedure I did not want.



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Dear Robyn,

I can't even express how sorry I am to reed this.. This is definitely not normal. Breast augmentation is very quick and easy operation if there is no complication.

What do you mean you were seduced into a procedure? You didn't want breast augmentation? What procedure did you want when you came to your doctor?

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Hope Withers

Hi and thank you for contacting me.
I asked for just a lift as my breast were a bit saggy I thought at the time but after seeing old pics they were fine. But I was very young and vulnerable.
By seduced I mean he flirted with me, sitting on his desk crossed legged in his blue genes, he was very modern, cool, Dr to the stars? He told me if I had implants instead of the life they were forever, I would be the most attractive corps in the grave yard or words to that effect. He also told me I would never have to worry about cancer. No visible scaring was the thing he pushed the most.
He insisted I have this new procedure as it was revolutionary, leaving no scars at all on the out side. Little did I know the hug amount of scaring on the inside would later take my life. I was in surgery for hours and two weeks in his private hospital that had no qualified staff working at nights. My breasts were huge and my nightmare started at once.
He gave me a bilateral augmentation mammaplasty via axillary approach and I had capsular formation of both prosthesis that led to a herniation sup
eriorally. He cut both lymph nodes under my arm and where the prosthesis were inserted didn't heal and Both prosthesis that were solid and road high up to my collarbone via that space.
Breast tissue was displace inferiorally with ptosis present in both breasts. I received a closed capsulotomy resulting in a rupture in one, and that capsule subsequently disintegrated inside me.
After 9 years of hell and three children whom I breast feed much to my shame, I had the prosthesis along with all my breast tissue remove and have never had further surgery. My breast currently hang to my waist and as I have stated, I dont care. I would have a double mastectomy if that would remove this toxic sludge from my system, but it has migrated all over my chest, still in my breast, lymph nodes,under my arms etc. It could be anywhere.
I tried to obtain my medical records eventually using legal means but he would not give them to me and they seem to have disappeared. That severally compromised me from getting a pay out from class action again Dow Corning. That would at least have been something and helped with my medical conditions that are many and debilitating. I have not been able to work in any real sense for 30 years.
I am in a constant state of inflammation and swelling and have muli allergies, fibromyalgia, arthritis tenosynovitiis in both wrists etc I have violent reactions to any chemical even organics, and can not use anything on my body, no deodorant, make up etc. When I have a flare up I can not even bath as plain water stings skin. My entire immune system is stuffed. I am just so angry and incredibly sad, just a day without pain would be a blessing. I wish I have never met this despicable man. "First Do No Harm" Bull dust, they make money from others misery. Do not trust them, if things go wrong they stitch you up and dump you. They win - you die and no one cares

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