Wrist scar remival


The scar 2.5years ago.
I live in Bursa.
Can I know the total price of it and the term?
How many time do I need to go?

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Hi Ece,

how did you get this scarf?
Has Dr. Buhsem already contacted you?
Normally it is very hard to say from the pic how many times you will need to come for the treatment, he should see your scarf. As there are many types of laser and scarfs.

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İt is scar tissue by cutter. He told me it can be removed by surgical. Not a laser.. Does it mean do İ need to get a skon graft..?
Thank you

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What do you mean by skon graft? If I understood it correctly, you've been in touch with dr. Buhsem, am I right?

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