Whished I had never done this. He made my eyes smaller, my face wider, gave me a double chine and made me look like a monster with 4 vials of juvederm.. He said he would bring up the bottom of my eyes and he made the length shorter and made the top droopy so now they look to small for may head and sad looking. I was to get fat grafting in my nasal folds and lips. I got it on one cheek bone so it sticks way out, in the back of my jaw so now my face is wider than it was, and under my chin for the double chin he made me and none in my lips. He put 4 vials of juvedrem in my face. Three in my cheeks and one for my lips and my face is totally distorted. Its been a month and my face is falling and my jowls are returning again. I have to go to a plastic surgeon to get the juvederm removed because nobody will touch me because my face is so messed up. What he did to me was intentional because the things he did wasn't a mistake. The small eyes, the wider face, fat grafting for a double chin, and fat grafting on one cheek bone and my face falling after one month. 

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I can understand your disappointment. You have it all done in one go - face&neck lift, Juvedem along with fat grafting, eyelids - am I right? Did you scheduled for post-op consultation? I really wonder what you would have been told. Would you mind sharing some of your before pics, so that I have an idea of what could have been possibly done? Thanks

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I would like to remove my review. I have tried to remove it and it wont let me. Thank you

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