Surgery to make a bigger hips


Hi I just have a question about surgery to make a bigger hips I would like to know all price with a hospital and all things which is include .Many thanks
Sincerily kristina

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Hi Kristina,
I'm sending you a link to discussion about inquired subject:
There you can find doctors' contribution and contact one according to you preferences. Good luck!Let me know once you make a decision! 

Dr. Ebaa SABRI

Hi Kristina Having bigger hip can be done by many techniques Medical: Injection of some products like Macrolan, it is costy, stay for short time (not more than a year) , carry some complications. Surgical: - we can put an implant , simple , good result, choose the size we wish, having firm butt. - fat injection, it is biologic, your own fat, having 2 in 1 (liposuction with butt augmentation). But you must have enough fat for The body absorbe about 30-40% of fat within 6 months. - the 2 , implant+ fat injection (composite butt augmentation) You can contact me if you wish We can offer you a consultation in Paris or in Tbilisi Best regards

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OK if I can choose I would like to choose Paris,right now I m in UK.
Also I will be consider about price just for example approximately if you use your owns fat or implants which is more cheaper .
Many thanks

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Dr. Ebaa SABRI

Dear Kate Thank you for your message. To evaluate your case & your wishes & to find the best solution You might reply me a questionnaire & you can send me an email with your reply & some photos in order to analyse your case & I could give you an invoice with exact cost

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Dr. Ebaa SABRI

Questionnaire for Aesthetic Surgery Patients General information Family Name: First Name: Date of Birth: Address (No., Street, City, Zip Code, Country): Telephone: Email: Profession: HEALTH INFORMATION Number of Children: Weight: Height: Do you Smoke ?: Yes / No If yes, how many per day?: Do you have any Known allergies? Yes / No If yes, what are they? Do you have any health problems? Yes / No If yes, please specify: Do you take regular Medication? Yes / No If yes, What are they?: Have you had any previous surgeries ? Yes / No If yes, please specify : Do you have to bring your actual health condition details? YOUR AESTHETIC PROJECT What is the most desired area of your body that you want to improve ? What do you want to do in this area ? What are the other areas of your body, that you may wish to improve? Have you ever met a specialist plastic surgeon for this procedure ? Yes / No If yes, why hasn’t the procedure been done? For how long (approximately) do you wish to take this project? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Do you have a preference on the type of anesthesia? (Local, mild, general ...) Have you set up a budget for your aesthetics project? How much? If you live far from PARIS, would you get accommodation at preferential rates before and after the intervention? Have you decided to take the aesthetic procedure or you are still hesitating? Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Send it to me by email dr.ebaa at Regards

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Prof.Dr. Ashraf Abolfotooh Khalil
Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Cairo
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